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Wedding Elevator Shoes for 2019

We all know preparations for wedding ceremony are stressful enough as it is.  Finding the right pair of shoes to go with your outfit should not be complicated. However, with brides wearing high heel shoes on their wedding day, it only makes sense that the groom would wear height increasing shoes, also known as elevator shoes, on his wedding day to match the increase in height gained from the bride and her shoes. 

A Spotlight on Don's Footwear Bespoke Department

Picture of The Pepper

The Pepper

Picture of SASSARI


Picture of VERCELLI




Picture of MST Botticelli II

MST Botticelli II

Picture of MST Polgato II

MST Polgato II

Picture of Polgato III

Polgato III

Picture of Lemania TUX

Lemania TUX

Picture of Formal Wholecut

Formal Wholecut

Picture of MST Elegant II

MST Elegant II

Picture of MST Classic 513

MST Classic 513

Picture of McFaden


Picture of Despenas


Picture of Despenas LAST #AL3

Despenas LAST #AL3

Picture of NEW: Polgatoe Slender

NEW: Polgatoe Slender

Picture of McClusky


Picture of Mayfair


Picture of MST Elegant

MST Elegant

Picture of Fashion Boots - Peru

Fashion Boots - Peru

Picture of Wholecut II

Wholecut II

Picture of European Summer II

European Summer II

Picture of Muniz



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