Elevator Shoes Overview

Get quality on every occasion. Get styled for every situation. Get Don's shoes. Enhance your presence.

Don's High-end elevator shoes increases your height up to 5 inches, letting your ideas and personality do the talking without the whisper of preconceptions around you. Women are always more attracted to taller men, and it is often the case that, if your stature doesn't stack up against their mental image, your initial approach can already be doomed. And even if you find that you interact with the fairer sex on a reasonably good basis already, it can still be very beneficial, intriguing and fun to see how differently they react to you when you are wearing a pair of Don's. Don's not only increase your height, but as they are beautifully styled and lovingly crafted, they increase your impact and shout charisma at everyone in the vicinity.

Don's high quality elevator boots have a firmer heel counter-point, which supports the heel; a well formed height increasing platform that sits well in the shoe will strengthen the heel cup area, and keep your footing in place to control your walking stride. Don's shoes are height increasing shoes are designed to have a wider toe box area to accommodate toes without pressing or rubbing as with any other precision made shoe.

Elevator Shoe X Ray

There are advantages to being taller today. This is how you can expect yourself and society to respond:

  • Your confidence will improve.
  • Your posture will improve.
  • You will feel more positive and assertive at social gatherings.
  • Your presence will be enhanced.
  • The taller gentleman always attracts more attention of beautiful women.

Did you know?

  • A gentleman's average height in North America is 5’9”.
  • The average gentleman's height in Europe is 5'8½"
  • About 90 percent of company chief executives are of above average height.



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