Trunk Shows

Trunk shows are a fantastic opportunity to get to know the owner, Allan Don's Donnelly has now been a Shoemaker for over 10 years and will gladly talk you through the shoemaking process. It is also an excellent chance to see, hold, and test out samples, come along and create your own custom footwear and have your feet measured up.
TRUNK SHOWS EXPLAINED. I meet customers in private at the top of every hour, to measure the foot, test the fitting then take an order for a made to order shoe. it takes around 20-30 mins

Trunk Show US October 2023

Customer feedback from a scheduled appointment
“I received all the dress shoes and they feel and look amazing!!!”

Dublin, Ireland
16th May 2024

Talbot Hotel Stillorgan
Stillorgan Rd, Stillorgan, Dublin, Ireland
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Footprints of Home: Bespoke Shoe Homecoming Tour

Aye Laddie,  It's time to Embark on a journey where every step resonates with the echoes of home. It's our bespoke shoe homecoming tour, we invite you to discover the warmth of tradition and craftsmanship as we journey from Edinburgh to Dublin. Our shoes are created with love, dedication, and a touch of Celtic heritage, this tour is not just about footwear—it's a celebration of roots, a tribute to the spirit of homecoming.

From the cobbled streets of Cockburn street Edinburgh to the lively lanes of Dublin, we bring you an exquisite collection that encapsulates the essence of our shared heritage. With every stitch and every sole, we pay homage to the richness of Scottish and Celtic culture. Join us as we lace up our stories, walking hand in hand with tradition, and stepping into the embrace of home. Try no vomit!

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