Cuban Heel Boots

Our collection featuring handmade Men's cuban heel boots. Cuban heel shoes and boots have long been associated with the rock and roll movement of the 60’s and 70’s. Sometimes referred as men's high heel shoes, cuban heels are often wore on the dance floor, and also offer an increase in height due to their 2 inch heel. All of our Chelsea boots, Beatles boots and Winklepickers, are available in leather, suede or both, and are fully customizable.

Picture of Despenas LAST #AL3

Despenas LAST #AL3

AUD $425.14
Picture of Despenas


AUD $425.14
Picture of McFaden


AUD $425.14
Picture of Muniz


AUD $375.12
Picture of Winkie


AUD $375.12
Picture of Peru


AUD $408.46
Picture of Jarvis


AUD $408.46
Picture of Tyler


AUD $433.47
Picture of WinklePicker | Elegant 1

WinklePicker | Elegant 1

AUD $433.47
Picture of WinklePicker | The Dealer

WinklePicker | The Dealer

AUD $408.46
Picture of Chelsea Picker 1A

Chelsea Picker 1A

AUD $425.14
Picture of Chelsea Boot 1A

Chelsea Boot 1A

AUD $441.81

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