MST Slender D-Monk II Midsole Tech.

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AUD $430.38
Midsole Tech
This product makes use of The 'Mid Sole Technology'
At Don’s we have perfected the insole of an elevator shoe so that it no longer has to be arched on the heel. Thus, creating a raised flat sole that provides the perfect unison of a lift and the exact comfort of regular shoes.
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Production Notes from Workshop

The Slender monk 2 is made from our new shape lasts (Sept 2015). This model with a 8 mm Welt (Sole edge) Made for those that wanted a smart business shoe that was not an oxford and needed said shoe in black calf. 

A double monk with a cap toe design is a no-brainer for your work attire and in fact we have seen its popularity skyrocket in recent years as many replace their oxfords with the seemingly easy-to-put-on model.

Made with Calf, you will find that the D-Monk takes an easy shine, offers a very supple yet durable feel and will keep you looking smart as you transition from work to the nearest bar/restaurant. The double monk is a versatile model that complements most types of trousers and being that it takes only seconds to put on, one often finds themselves gravitating to their easy to wear monkstrap shoes.