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Midsole Tech
This product makes use of The 'Mid Sole Technology'
At Don’s we have perfected the insole of an elevator shoe so that it no longer has to be arched on the heel. Thus, creating a raised flat sole that provides the perfect unison of a lift and the exact comfort of regular shoes.
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Production Notes from Workshop

The MST Dutchie is a modern take on the classic elevator boot. Created to give you the best possible in comfort and style, this boot has been crafted from a selection of premium calfskin leathers and features a hybrid leather and rubber sole that has breathability and durability. Available in a range of colours, the MST Dutchie is a new model released in 2020, It is an ideal choice for stylish men who want a sleek and comfortable pair of boots to wear throughout the day. Brown is good with jeans and Black is perfect for office wear. This style is about bringing back our original ethos and style of design, being more bold and fun, while maintaining a classic nature. 

There was a time that we did more classic style shoes than not and while those, of course, have their place, we never wanted to be 'too classic.'

I felt that I got lost for a time there, focusing on what I felt might 'be liked by the masses' as opposed to 'what I actually like and would want to wear.' Designing shoes and releasing unique combinations of colors/materials, in reality, is why I got into the shoe business. And I wanted to get back to doing that!