Elevator Shoes

NEWS UPDATE: We are excited to announce, starting from October 2019, Don's Footwear will be producing its shoes using leather from the Japanese owned Tannery that supplies leather for the entire Japanese police force and leathers used to make The Royal UK House Cavalry boots, This particular tannery only works with a select few clients and their leathers are extensively tested. This will make Don's elevator shoe range even more incomparable to others. Read more on elevator shoes for the daily life on our blog.


LIVE Shoemaking

Picture of DACCO


AUD $260.30
Picture of MARCO


AUD $319.92
Picture of MST Caterpillar

MST Caterpillar

AUD $375.18
Picture of American Football

American Football

AUD $349.01
Picture of MST Casual Boot 101

MST Casual Boot 101

AUD $349.01
Picture of MST Summer (NEW SHAPE 2019)

MST Summer (NEW SHAPE 2019)

AUD $319.92
Picture of MST BEACH


AUD $341.74
Picture of MST Trooper

MST Trooper

AUD $389.73
Picture of MST OX B513-2

MST OX B513-2

AUD $399.90
Picture of MST Loafer 001

MST Loafer 001

AUD $363.55