Echelon Grade

The Art of Shoemaking.

Echelon models include fiddlewaist designs, with a sharper look on the spine of the waist.  Echelon shoes take a few extra days to complete, but the final product is a world-class shoe on par with the best shoes available worldwide.  The shoes are normally only available for premium bespoke orders, but is currently available at a generous discount for our regular customers.

Fiddle Waist and Blind Welt Soles

Wholecut Echelon の画像

Wholecut Echelon

AUD $615.02
Shoegazing Echelon の画像

Shoegazing Echelon

AUD $615.02
Vercilli Echelon の画像

Vercilli Echelon

AUD $615.02
OX Echelon の画像

OX Echelon

AUD $615.02
Koko Echelon の画像

Koko Echelon

AUD $615.02
Bacchialdis  Echelon の画像

Bacchialdis Echelon

AUD $615.02
Echelon Mixed Oxford の画像

Echelon Mixed Oxford

AUD $615.02
Echelon Oxford の画像

Echelon Oxford

AUD $615.02
Echelon Springline II の画像

Echelon Springline II

AUD $615.02
Echelon Tassel の画像

Echelon Tassel

AUD $601.35
Echelon Springline の画像

Echelon Springline

AUD $628.68

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