HULK Edition A Chaussure Rehaussante avec Midsole Tech

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Midsole Tech
Ce produit utilise le « Midsole Tech »
À Don nous avons perfectionné la semelle d'une chaussure réhaussantes de sorte qu'il n'a plus à être arqué sur le talon. Ainsi, la création d’une seule semelle plate et surélevée qui offre la parfaite harmonie d'un agrandisseur et le confort exacte des chaussures ordinaires.
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Notes de l'Atelier


This year Don’s celebrates it's first decade with the introduction of a new, high end casual footwear range called The Hulk. Although we’ve been trading online since 2009 the idea of a premium brand of original elevator shoes, and hard work to get to that stage, really began for us three years earlier. So to mark this important milestone in our history we’re releasing a completely new design for our customers to enjoy wearing, and to show that even after ten years we’re still as innovative and as strong as ever.

The Hulk features our first ever branded profile sole which we are extremely proud of as it is symbolic as to how far we’ve come in the last ten years. The brown and white sole really compliments the understated hue of the deep, darkened purple rising above it, with the chocolate brown accents around the heel confirming its ambitions as an uber stylish, yet casual shoe.

The innovation in this range of Don’s lies in the composition of the sole. It’s so much more than just embossed. The white outsole is what we feel to be the perfect rubber composition, providing durability along with a light, cushioned, bouncy feel. The brown profile sole is also made from the same material although of a much harder composition to ensure longevity yet maintaining the lightweight feel which the sole was designed for. Even the height increasing insert is made from a slightly softer material than what we use in the rest of the Don’s range to ensure maximum comfort marking The Hulk out as the ultimate casual shoe in both feel and appearance. This height increasing top piece can also be ordered separately for only 25 USD should you require a replacement. The Hulk also comprises a wooden shank - the support structure running under the curve of the foot from the heel - rather than metal in order to keep the weight to a minimum. You can also order these with the Mid Sole Tech (MST) insert should you desire (This Product page), although The Hulk is by nature a thick sole giving plenty of lift. If you’re unsure in this department please feel free to contact us with any queries, as we’re more than happy to advise you on the right choice for you. When ordering remember that The Hulk “Edition One” is with MST and The Hulk “Edition One Regular” comes without MST.

At present we are launching with just the one style, but are working on another six which will hit the website when they are ready, so if you what you see isn’t entirely to your taste please keep checking on us as we’re sure some of our other designs will be just what you’re looking for.

Oh, and the price? We’d like to give something back to our customers to mark our ten years in the business of hand crafting original, quality footwear. So we’re offering The Hulk at an incredible introductory price of 165 USD for the first six months, allowing everyone associated with Don's to celebrate along with us. So please take advantage of this offer and get in touch with us soon.