Echelon Grade

The Art of Shoemaking.

Our Echelon models are constructed with a fiddle and blind welted outsoles giving the shoes an extremely elegant look. The fiddle has a sharper look on the spine, and the blind welt is tighter and round at the waist of the shoe.  Echelon grade takes a few extra days to complete, but the final product is a world-class shoe on par with the best shoes available worldwide.  This type of shoe construction is usually only available at premium bespoke workshops. As an introduction, Echelon is currently available at a generous discount as a gift to our customers. (To Finish 2021)

Previous Bespoke Orders

Fiddle Waist and Blind Welt Soles

Image de Echelon Greenwood

Echelon Greenwood

AUD $585,72
Image de Echelon Erro

Echelon Erro

AUD $585,72
Image de Double monk Echelon

Double monk Echelon

AUD $585,72
Image de Mayfair Echelon

Mayfair Echelon

AUD $585,72
Image de Echelon Wingtip Boot

Echelon Wingtip Boot

AUD $598,74
Image de Arlington Oxford II

Arlington Oxford II

AUD $585,72
Image de Wholecut Echelon

Wholecut Echelon

AUD $585,72
Image de Shoegazing Echelon

Shoegazing Echelon

AUD $585,72
Image de Vercilli Echelon

Vercilli Echelon

AUD $585,72
Image de OX Echelon

OX Echelon

AUD $585,72
Image de Koko Echelon

Koko Echelon

AUD $585,72
Image de Bacchialdis  Echelon

Bacchialdis Echelon

AUD $585,72
Image de Echelon Mixed Oxford

Echelon Mixed Oxford

AUD $585,72
Image de Echelon Oxford

Echelon Oxford

AUD $585,72
Image de Echelon Springline II

Echelon Springline II

AUD $585,72
Image de Echelon Tassel

Echelon Tassel

AUD $572,70
Image de Echelon Springline

Echelon Springline

AUD $598,74

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