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13 July 2024

Allan, I received my shoes and boots last week! As usual I am well pleased! You do fantastic work and I love every pair I have purchased from you! Thanks,

4 June 2024

Hi Allan, hope all is well, You can really make a pair of shoes! Absolutely amazing! 
Really appreciate the time you have taken. It’s making me seriously think about coming out to Bangkok and get my feet measured to get a perfect fit to match the quality. You are worth every penny my friend. Give my tanks to your staff. Thanks again

27 May 2024

Shoes received. Very nice shoes and high quality ! I will order again soon. Thank you 

5 April 2024

Thank you so much. We got the shoes, and he loves them!! Very comfortable and stylish, and good height, Great work!

6 March 2024

Don, I just wanted to say, you outdid yourself with this shoe. Your work is beyond amazing, and I am extremely grateful to have found such a man of talent such as yourself. I am in love with this shoe, the material is high quality, and the aesthetics are very classy and authentic. This purchase was a worthwhile investment.  Once again, thank you for your outstanding work.

23 February 2024

Don, The shoes are indeed fabulous. Thank-you for the attention to detail and high quality craftmanship.

22 February 2024

Hey Alan, I just got my shoes today! You really did a wonderful job with them. I love them. 

22 December 2023

Just wanted to thank you. To my great surprise, my shoes arrived today. The shoes look and fit better than I could have imagined. If you need any reviews for your website, I'd be happy to help. Happy Holidays. Thanks again,

7 November 2023

I got my shoes and they are are awesome, very fine craftsmanship,no disappointment here,Thank you very much.

25 Otober 2023

Hey Allan, Just wanted to thank you for a previous order. My fiancée and I got married a few weeks ago, and since she's already pretty tall (172cm) and was wearing high heels I (180cm) decided to wear one of your creations (MST Elegant II).  Needless to say that it helped a lot during the ceremony, we looked way better like that :) Here's a pic for you. So thanks again mate, love your work and I'll keep ordering new ones.

8 October 2023

Thanks Don! Loving my new Overlords. I attached a picture of them alongside another pair from 2017. Both worth every penny. Until next time,

10 September 2023

Hey Allan, Quick update:I've been wearing those shoes I bought from you for almost a week now, and they are fantastic! They're not just fashionable, but also super comfy, which I think is pretty rare when it comes to heeled shoes, right? The whole experience with online-shopping has also been awesome. User-friendly and lots of customizable options. Given how positive my experience has been, I'm definitely planning to buy more shoes from you guys in the near future. I've got my eye on a few other styles already. 😎 Looking forward to my next purchase. Best wishes,

22nd July 2023

I received the order today.The boots look great and wear well.I'm highly satisfied with your work! I'll probably order something else this summer. I appreciate all you've done!

20th July 2023

Just wanted to let you know that the lift shoes worked out great!As the father of the bride, I matched daughter’s height (in her 4” heels).I had several compliments on my awesome shoes!I can’t wait for another special occasion to wear them again!Many Thanks!

23rd June 2023

Received the shoes and they look great. Very good work and going to order another pair soon. Thank you very much and talk to you soon.

4th June 2023

Received my shoes. They fit, look, and feel perfect. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you.

27th May 2023

They arrived and look gorgeous. Thanks a lot! Best wishes

24th April 2023

Just wanted to say I LOVE the shoes!! Very high craftsmanship and I could not be happier with them. Please let me know if you have any sales or promotions in the future as I do need more shoes. Thank you again!!

24th Mar 2023

Got it! I'll get back to you! I also wanted to say that after 3 weeks of use I love the shoes you made for me! they are beautiful, comfortable! everything is perfect! thank you so much.

8th Mar 2023

I receivedmy shoes today. I must commend you on a job well done. The quality is superb and the shoes fit great. It was a little awkward walking in them at first but I will get used to them. You have a repeat customer.

21st Feb 2023

Thank you Don! I wear the last pair of shoes I got from you every day at work, they are my favorite pair of shoes honestly. Now I'll have a pair to go out in, I'm very excited. You run a fantastic business!

11th Nov 2022

I have at least a dozen pairs in my closet that I bought from you in the past . I even got married in a pair of your shiny formal shoes with red lining .

3rd Nov 2022

Hi Allan, They arrived and I LOVE them! They look great, they fit perfectly and they might be the most comfortable pair you’ve ever made for me (they might be tied for 1st with the Maradona’s for comfort haha). You’ve made close to 20 different pairs of shoes for me since 2012 and I think these are my favorite. Is it the rubber sole that makes them so comfortable? I know a big part of the comfort is because they’re made to my feet measurements but I might stick with the rubber sole going forward for future orders. Thank you so much for making them turn out so well! I’ll be a lifetime customer if you keep making them this way!

7th Sept 2022

Hope your surgery went well and your recovery is coming along smoothly. The shoes have been received and are fantastic. They are so good in fact, I’d like to get another pair without any midsole. So just a ‘normal’ pair for a friend. Also the leather soles are amazing. Between that and shiny finish. They are my favorite pair for formal wear now.

6th Sep 2022

Hi Allan The shoes (Potenza boots) are wonderful! They are immediately comfortable. I'm going to order another pair, this time with a matte finish so I can alternate shoes daily. Thanks again, Jeff

2nd Sep 2022

Hi Allan, Shoes arrived today, great work as usual mate. Thank you very much for getting them out so quickly

25th Aug

Don, I received my shoes a while back, thank you for the quick turn around time. I’ve been busy lately and was only able to try 1 pair on today, and I am very happy with these shoes.They are surprisingly very comfortable to walk in, good quality and look amazing. I wish I bought more from you versus Guido, as I was not impressed with the 4 pair I recevied from them. I don’t want to bash anyone, but if ever we speak on the phone I will share my experience with you. Thank you again, and I will definitely be a loyal customer. I am so glad I got the 3.5 inch. I don’t think it is possible to walk comfortably in anything higher, with the exception of certain boots I would imagine.

16th aug 2022

The new boots are MIGHTY SWEET! PERFECT! Where are you located? Is it in London? Each year I come to London (over the holidays) to judge the NEW YEAR DAY’S PARADE. If you are around, I would truly enjoy meeting you and treating you to lunch. Again…the new boots are perfect! Thanks, my friend,

4th Aug 2022

Hey Don, Just received the order and couldn’t be happier. Shoes are comfortable and finish is top notch. I’ll be placing more orders with you. Thank you

21st July 2022

Hey Allan! Just wanted to let you know that the shoes arrives this morning. They look incredible and fit great!! Excited to wear them at my wedding and the fiance loves them! Jake

20th July 2022

They look brilliant so far and I'm so happy with the other 3 pairs you made for me. Thank you for the update and the craftsmanship!I will be ordering more for the fall:) Naren

4th July 2022

They’re absolutely brilliant! And oh, how they shine so! Beautiful, truly. Thank you so very very much. And I’m thrilled that they’ll arrive on time. Thank you so much for making them in such a hurry.

27th June 2022

Hi Don, the boots arrived today and look amazing!! Brilliant quality, perfect fit. Best wishes. Sent from my iPad

24th June 2022

Hey Mr.Donnelly, Another absolute knockout.I love the Overlords, they’re beautiful and give me a different kind of energy. You sir are a craftsman, never stop doing what you’re doing.I’ll be ordering a couple more pairs of some other models soon. Thank you!

June 8th 2022

I got the shoes and they are beautiful! I had them stretched a little bit because they were a little tight on my bunion but now they seem to fit well. When are you going to be in New York City for a trunk show?

Review on Facebook (July 2022)

Don makes the most discrete, comfortable, and high-quality elevator shoes on earth, and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. I have bought multiple pairs from the man over the years, and with each iteration they get even better as he’s always trying to optimize his shoes. Just look at the photos, which are of two pairs I own. I’m wearing a 3.1” heel (adds about 1.5” in height) and you can hardly tell. They look so normal for elevator shoes it’s kind of hard to believe. And the midsole tech makes the shoe feel flat without the painful slope of a traditional heel or elevator shoe. So what does this gorgeous handmade designer shoe cost? At least $500 right? NO! His prices are ridiculously reasonable. We’re talking about fully customizable, hand-crafted shoes with high-caliber materials for almost the price of a regular dress shoe. So do yourself a favor: stop buying the cheap, uncomfortable crap from Tall Men’s Shoes or some other Chinese website. Get yourself a pair of Don’s for almost the same price, and you’ll see that this guy is the real deal. And no, in case you’re wondering — I’m not getting paid ANYTHING to write this. I just love the hell out of my Don’s!

8th June 2022

Allan, these are genius. Thanks

6th June 2022

Hello Allan, the boots have arrived and they are gorgeous! Exactly how I wanted them. I have bought a lot of elevator shoes/boots in the past and these are the first ever to check all the boxes. Thanks a lot! Greetings from Hamburg

18th May 2022

It's incredible that you make the orders like this, and I've already ordered some others from you. Thank you for your wonderful craftsmanship.

20th April 2022

Hi, Allan, Nobody needs another email to consume, however I am passing along your name to a surrogate brother of mine. Dr. Charles Menghini has been an adopted family member for over 50 years…as a student, a colleague and a much-loved brother. He has enjoyed an illustrious career as a high school band director, a college band director and the President of a College of Music in Chicago. Of the many things Dr. Menghini and I share, one is our love of wardrobe…and that includes an array of nice shoes. During a conversation we had, I was telling him about the friendship you and I have created while you continue to astound me with your personal communication and kind willingness to create whatever kind/color/style of shoe I seek. I also passed along your website spotlighting your unique (and most fashionable) footwear…not to mention the personal attention you have graciously extended along the way. I know the new pair of boots is awaiting my arrival back at my home in Indiana. Needless to say, I’m excited to see them…then I must decide what the next color of boots I should select; smile! Thanks again for going the extra mile. It is noticed and appreciated. While there are no promises, if you hear from Dr. Menghini, please extend your one-of-a-kind customer service to him. If he likes something, he will be your best marketing representative on the planet. Best always,

2nd March

Got my shoes! Thank you so much. Very pleased it doesn’t get any better than this, the feel, the look, dynamite!


Thank you for the quick shipment Allan, look forward to see these boots! My entire closet is all your boots I need to send you a picture I have over 15 pairs of your custom boots haha

1st March 2022

Shoes just came in. Really, really well done. The chukka boot design on the Misanos seems to work great for an elevator shoe because the front is sort of pushed out. I also like the new sole on the Ralphs. It’s a little more elegant than the old one. Also they just look better in black. Solid work. ------------

1st March 2022

There perfect for my business trip to South Korea, I just wanna say you have lifetime customer

26th Feb

Cheers Allen. I love the variety of boots and your passion for it all.

23rd Feb

Hi, The boots came yesterday and as soon as I got them, my jaw dropped immediately. They're beautiful, will probably drive everyone at my workplace and with jealousy. Never had a pair that suited me better. Kindest regards

8th Feb

I have the boots and they are like a work of art. I mean stunning. No kidding.These are the nicest boots that I own and I have probably a dozen or more of your boots and they are all great.The uppers are gorgeous. The fiddle is fantastic.The fit is perfect.I am sure you are going to put those up as a new model; I bet they sell really well. They can be a part of your "JB Double O Collection"Daniel Craig wore those in Skyfall towards the end of the film in the Scotland scenes.https://www.jamesbondlifestyle.com/product/crockett-jones-islay Thank you so much.I am really thrilled with them!

3rd Feb 2022

Hey Allan, Thanks a lot.These boots are beautiful and very nice.They fit perfectly and I am very happy with them.I would still love to get another pair of soles for my Speedlines sometime since I wear them every day, maybe we can try to do that on the next order again.I've got my eye on a few other shoes too.

20th January

Ihad the chance to really look at the shoes and I wore the boots today. Oh man, they are so comfortable! Beautifully made! I love these boots!We had really nasty weather here today. The soles had fantastic traction and they did a terrific job of keeping my feet dry and warm.I would love to have a brown pair with D rings and speed laces in the top three. Thanks so much!!

6th Jan 2022

Hi Allan Just wanted to say that I'm very happy with the shoes ... particularly the monkstraps ... they all look great Best regards and Happy New Year

18th Dec

Hi Allan, Just letting you know that the shoes arrived today and I am blown away by them. Not only by the skill used in creating them but the fit is something I have never experienced before. As soon as I slid the first one on, I knew they were amazing and now I know why people pay for bespoke shoes. I can't thank you enough for managing to finish these off and have them delivered for Christmas and yes, the customs got me, which I don't mind, it's just the extras that they charge which is annoying. Once again thank you for such a professional approach to help a newbie into the world of bespoke shoes. Yours sincerely


My man....ill would give you a hug...but we too far....thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'll be ordering again from you soon. Thanks.

16th Dec 2021

Shoes are here. These are stunning mate. Thanks so much Best

28th Nov 2021

Thank you for the beautiful shoes, Allan!


Hi Allan, The shoes just came in. They look great ! Thank you for making & shipping them in a short timeframe ! Have a great weekend ! Regards 

8th Nov 2021

Hi Allan, I got the boots on Thursday and they look beautiful. I'm so impressed with your work. I have at least 14 boots or shoes from you and I'm sure I will order more in the future. I'll make sure to make a comment on your website. Thank you, Anthony

13th Sept 2021

Allan, Another masterpiece. Latest shoes are built like a fortress and look like a palace. Brilliant work sir. Kind regards

10th Sept 2021

Hi Don just thought I'd let you know I'm going away in an hour and the bootsjust arrived on my doorstep! The quality of the boots are absolutely excellent you sir are a master craftsman! Kindest Regards Allan Owner

1st Sept 2021

Hello “Don”/Allen, Just want to say that you are the best. I’ve bought a couple shows from you and they have held up amazingly well. Big props to you and your company!

26th July 2021

The Fossatos that you made for me are a masterpiece. Best footwear that I have ever used. Perfect fit right out of the box. Easiest to take on and off. And what I had asked you to do is not easy, to make a stable shoe with that degree of elevation, but you did it. What else can I say besides, "Thank you!"

17th July 2021

Just received the shoes today it was absolutely gorgeous. Thank you. Will be ordering another shoes on the first of next but hopefully it will get here sooner.

12th July 2021

I really love the boots. Thank you so much!

6th July 2021

Hey Allan, I just got the shoes and they are PERFECT! A true work of art! I can’t wait to order my next pair. Thanks for keeping me in the loop with pictures and answering all my questions.

25th June 2021

These are the best pair of shoes I've ever had. I'm glad I took advice from the Karavel shoe expert. He told me I'd need exact measurements for my wide (while short) feet. These don't hurt at all and don't need that excessive break-in, I usually do for size 8 shoes. because the instep is too low and the shoe is way too narrow.

21st June.

Hi Allan, Received the suede Cacciatore boots and it turned out great. Looking forward to another pair in the near future, possibly in a Chelsea Boot Style.

21st June 2021

Beautiful boots.Thank you!

28th May 2021

Shoesarrived and they fit great. Thanks. I will be intouch soon for my next pair.

25th May 2021

I just wanted to let you know I am beyond satisfied with these, they look and feel incredible. I will be ordering more soon. Cheers

21st May 2021

Hi Allan, Just to let you know I recieved my boots yesterday and Absoutley over the moon with them. Can’t wait to wear them. If you would like me to leave a review or anything anywhere please let me know. Hopefully can order another pair in the future. Thanks for all your help

14th May 2021

Hi Allan Just got the boots. Absolutely amazing and extremely comfortable. Rubber sole looks like it could stop artillery fire! Please let me know where I could leave you a review. Thanks again!

10th May 2021

You are the most in touch guy to your base in the business!

22nd April

Hi Alan ,I custom ordered two Chelsea suede boots over 4 years ago.They are still like new.I saw my special order in video on your website,I now live In Miami Fla.Love the boot and seeing it on video,Thx

19th April

That picture has only the pairs made by you. Thank you Allan, sincerely, for dramatically increasing my quality of life. You can't even imagine.

8th April

Wow they are so beautiful!! Thank you again, I love them

7th April

Hi Allan, Love them. Thanks. I will look and see what I want next and send you a picture and we can start a new pair. Robert

27th March

The addidons arrived today. I love them! Can't imagine how someone returned them, I'm very impressed as usual

17th March

Allan: Thanks for such great expedient freight service.The boots are The Best I have ever seen or worn. Just magnificent. I would please ask for one minor adjustment for my next pair of boot.Just for my own comfort level and for eaaier fit with a normal straight pant leg, could you please reduce the very top of the shaft of the boot by one inch. I included a pic for a visual.The body of the shaft itself is perfect, but the very top is a bit wider than I am used to in cowboy boots.Every other aspect iscabsokutely perfect. Thank you. AWESOME BOOTS!!! @TexasXil

1st March

I got the shoes last night, they're really fantastic. Thank you once again, the quality of your work is excellent. I realized I've been buying from you for 10 years now...starting with that unfortunate flood in Thailand!

13th Feb

Thanks so much Alan—the last pair my fiancé loved so much she demanded I get another pair :) Mark

27th Jan 2021

Hi Don, I am happy to share that the booths arrived Yesterday. My son Travis was elated. He said that the boots were a work of art.He loves them. We will be doing more business in the future. Thank you for the workmanship and the constant communication.

25th Jan 2021

I realize this was YEARS ago and wanted to again thank you for glorious shoes. I love everything about them and still wear them regularly!

5th Jan 2020

Hi. Is there a place I can leave a review for you? These are some of the best quality shoes I have ever owned. Thanks again, - Daniel

3rd Jan 2020,

I received the shoes and I must say! You have really out done yourself and the shoes are great!!! They are awesome!! I hope you make more different styles in this new sneaker athletic shoe line of yours. I love it and I may just order another for my work and make it with black rubber soles! I really like them! Thank you very much!

1st of Jan

DearAllan, I want to thank you tremendously for the best pair of shoes I've everhad. Everything about them is remarkable and I look forward to coming back.

26th Dec

those dress shoes where the middle is like styled thin and polished (forgive me for probably butchering the term) is the most elegant bottom I’ve ever seen on a shoe! I know you have fans of your work worldwide, consider me one of the newest and I plan on being a long term client of your shop!

22nd Dec 2020

never change these boots! They are absolutly outstanding!Unique in the whole world!

18th Dec

My dear friend, good evening, I wanted to tell you that these are the best shoes I have bought in this genre. At first they do not look like elevator shoes do not look anything do you believe it ??? I wore them and they are so comfortable that I can wear them all day. Dude, in addition to being comfortable, they are also very beautiful .... I really think you get very little money for what you make. If I were rich I would really give you something more I was really happy ... I will order again very soon ... You really respect the money you get, happy holidays and see you soon

14th Dec

Allan, Shoes arrived. They are beautiful. Thanks!

1st Dec

This order was received, thank you The quality and comfort of your shoes is very good, overall I am a happy customer.

14th Nov

Allan, the boots came and they are absolutely awesome.Thanks so much!These are the second pair you've made for me, I will definitely be back.

25th Oct

Last pair you made me are still doing me well. I wear them all the time and get compliments on them a lot. Super great job!

21st Oct

HiAllan, Just picked up my shoes and they’re perfect. Thank you so much for doing such awesome work. Sincerely, Joe Napoli

10th Oct.

Hey Don, I bought two shoes from you, and I can’t lie, they’re the best shoes I’ve ever worn. Endless compliments, and just overall stellar.

30th Sept 2020

fantastic. I'm a big fan of the quality of the shoes. I quite like the stiff soles on the casual shoes.just like my boss says "underpromise and overdeliver". which is how I feel when I open a Don's shoebox. Thank you very much.

24th Sept 2020

Allan, Both the shoes and the belt look amazing. I want to thank you so very much for working so hard to get these ready for me to were to my daughters wedding on October 10th. I will make sure that I locate the review section of your website so that I can make sure I share my praise for you and your company with the world. Thank you again!

19th Sept 2020

You are amazing! I’ve dealt with Topout shoes, tallmans shoes, chapara (or whatever); all crooks and take advantage of short men. I do charity work and feel my confidence will bring more to helping the world be a better place. I bought these shoes because of YOU. All the shoes most companies are not even flexible whatsoever at the bottom and it makes it very weird to walk. I’m eating a nice young lady on the 30th in Boston so I really thank you for helping me out. I really appreciate you Allan! Have a blessed weekend.

9th Sept 2020

This pair is so great! I LOVE THEM. Thank you so much! How is the other one coming along? Thank you!

3rd Sept 2020

HOLY MOLY!!! DAM NICE BOOTS!!! I just got the D.O.N.S Issue 1. They are bad ass.I had asked for a combo leather/rubber sole on the site option and got them in all rubber sole, but no worries.I do like how well the rubber grips the floor for traction.The feeling of the platforn of the agoe is flawless. It does NOT feel at all like an elevator shoe. Dam Allan, no words, you are just kicking ass my friend.PROPS!!

27th Aug 2020

I wanted to update you it was my dad‘s birthday yesterday and I gave him the boots and he was actually speechless he could not believe the height and the comfort in comparison to what he has worn in the past honestly he did not know what to say. He wants me to thank you and tell you that you are a true artist. The present could not have been better and I cannot thank you enough it really stole the night truly thank you so much.

24th Aug 2020

Hello Mr.Donnelly, Thank you so much for these kolakis boots.Best height increasing boots I’ve ever worn for a synchronicity of comfort, style & height increase. - Jay

19th Aug 2020

Dear Allan, Looks great. Btw, I received the three pairs yesterday and they look great. Thanks so much for your creations and superb craftsmanship. Also, they are very comfortable too. Many thanks again. Best regards, Philip

18th AUG 2020

Allan, My shoes came in yesterday. They look great. I'll be ordering more soon. Thanks, ----- Hey Allan, I just recieved the boots, they fit perfectly and are so damn comfortable I don't think I really need to take them off haha. I am very impressed with the quality of the leather. This and the style alone are worth every penny. In comparison to my old cowboy boots that I used with a cheap height increase insert for years, MST is a much more comfortable design. Walking feels natural, and that's all a good shoe/boot needs to do. The first of many future orders. Keep up the good work! Thank you!

17th AUG 2020

I hope you are doing well during this crazy Covid time my friend.I think I am hitting a decade of being your customer.I just placed an order for your D.O.N. issue 1.I am also going to get the Minimalist lowtop and a few pairs to update my Don's collection in the coming months. It is awesome that you decided to add this style type to your offering.I have been hoping to see an offering exactly like this casual look for a while from Don's. Your shoes are TOP of the food chain. Everytime I wear shoes from your collection, and that is pretty much always, I get compliments.The funny think is I actually had that style, the Minimalist, in mind for the past 6 months.Anyway major props to you.Stay safe and keep creating such art.

15th AUG 2020

Hi Allan, Just to let you know that I received the boot's today. They are a perfect fit and very comfortable. My compliments on a GREAT job. With kind regards

12th Aug 2020

Good afternoon from Montreal Order received Nice work again Thanks


Dear Allan, The shoes are so beautiful and comfortable. The craftsmanship is as exceptional as ever. Thank you ever so much, James

6th Aug 2020

As usual you did an amazing job on these!!! Thank you so much for your work!! Truly gifted.

Yes I agree :)


My sincere gratitude for your hard work and efforts in making me a happy Don's customer! Wishing you safety, health, and strong continued business during this time!

15th July 2020

Hi Allan, Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the boots. My son has worn them for a couple of weeks now and says that they are very comfortable. They look great and he has had many compliments on them. Regards, Georga

27th June 2020

Hi Don, Just received the shoes - they're amazing, the quality is remarkable given the relatively low price, and they came so prompt! All the best - looking forward to ordering again soon,

21st May 2020

Allan, I just want to tell you how pleased I am with my new boots. They are exactly as I had envisioned and fit perfectly. Thank you for your good service and an excellent product. All the best Fred

16th May 2020

Hi Allan: Quite a while back I ordered and then received my beautiful black boots with green side trim, have meant for a long time to say thanks for the great job.Have gotten several compliments on them!

7th May 2020

The shoes are beautiful and fit perfectly thank you Sent from my iPhone

5th May 2020

Hi Don, Got the shoes today!Took them for a walk.They look and feel great! This is my second pair from you; planning to order more down the road.Thank you! Best,


Hy Allan I just got your shoes! They are again wonderful and fit perfectly.. Next order for another pair for myself will come this week.. with very kind regards

27th April

Received shoes a few days ago ! SIMPLY , BEUTIFUL ! ! ! The fit was best I have ever had and I am 67 yrs old . At first I was abit Leary since it was all processed on line . But had confidence in you based on your website presentation . I am so pleased with your finished product , craftsmanship , promptness in completion , and de livery . I can't thankyou enough . And definitely will be purchasing again and again .

22nd April.

Hello Allan! I received my vegan MST Spencers about twenty minutes ago, and I am completely thrilled!They look great, they fit like a glove, and they are extremely comfortable.Please keep all of my measurement information available because I am certain I will be ordering more shoes from you in the very near future!These really do fit my feet perfectly.I am also amazed at how quickly you made the shoes and got them to me. Brother, I am sincerely your biggest fan and admirer! Thank you so much for these excellent, meticulously crafted shoes.I truly will be getting all of my shoes from you in the future! Stay safe and healthy, my friend!

15th April

I have just received my boots as shown above order number 202716 I cannot tell you how happy I am! These are absolutely beautiful Comfortable Aesthetically genius as the height increase is in no way abnormal to the shape of the boot I am so grateful and am already looking at your website getting ready to order my next shoe Thank you so much You are an artist Best wishes 

11th April 2020

i just received the shoes. They are fantastic! Quality and Style is superb! You make a excellent shoe . Thank you so much for the exchange, I am a happy customer! I will be buying more and telling my friends.

1st April 2020

Thanks Allan My shoes are beautiful and very comfortable and a really wow super quality. Thanks for the laces vwry appreciate Don't be surprised if I place another order because I want some black Canada

27th March ( Covid Time

Hello, Hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that I received the boots as planned and i'm quite happy with them. Thank you very much!


Hi Allan I just would like to tell you that the shoes arrived safely and the are very very very! Comfortable… They are like slippers.. Very good, quality and beautiful leather.. Perfectly made! Thank you very much

10th March

Hey Allan just recieved the shoes and they areperfect! Thank you so much and will for sure buy more in the future :)


I was excited to receive my first pair of shoes today.Thank youfor your fast DHL shipping. The shoes look great. So far, they feel great.

7th March

hi allen . just received the boots and im not just saying this but they are just beautiful . I mean I could instantly see the quality as I was un wraping them and was kind of shocked . they put the other shoes I bought to shame .I love the high shaft colour style everything and they fit perfect and feel very comfortable . can be worn casual or with a suit . if I don't get a woman in these they are all gay . that's the long and the short of it . I mean im sleeping in these . im putting these on the mantle piece so I can admire them all night . thanks as well for the exta lifts . I wasn't expecting that . customer for life . thank you . enjoy the weekend .

25th Feb 2020

Hi Allan, I received the shoes today, Thank You!. They are made really well and speak highly of your craftsmanship. The do feel wider but I’m sure I will get used to them.

2nd Feb

Hi Alan, The shoes arrived just fine and they're the best height increasing footwear I've ever had. I shall order another pair soon. Hope you are having a good weekend. Cheers


Looks great! It’ll be my 3rd pair of shoes from you and I love the other two! Very exciting Austin S

17th Dec

Thank you I am definitely excited to see how the 4 inch height increase works with me. If it works out well I will be putting in a few more orders very soon! Thank you so much Allan talk soon.


Allen I can’t tell you how much I love these shoesI’m going to order the same order I want them exactly the same way black and fancy and shiney I love️ your shoesI’m going buy from you always Sent from my iPhone

5th Dec

Allen you done ✅ again I’m going to be buying from you for a very long time I also really like how you made the sneaker boots like they lookdifferent from the very first pair I got like fancier like a dress shoeshine very nice🏻 they looklike Nike boots 🥾 mixed with Jordon’s very nice extremely proud of your work Sent from my iPhone

4th Dec 2019

I have finally been able to get home from business out of state and try on the boots and shoes. I am very pleased with their construction and wish to thank you for the craftsmanship on them. Hi Allan, Thank you, i just received my shoes from scotland, they are perfect, thank you very much Best Regards ------

9th of Nov 2019

Hi Allan! I love my new shoes. I will use them for a trip todaythen let you know how all goes. Thanks


Very nice🏻 I love️ them


Hi Don, I just got the shoes. They're beautiful! Perfect! You did an amazing job. I'm going to write another review for you. Excellent work. Thanks,

30th Nov 2019

Allan, I got the shoes and they fit perfectly. Thank you so much!

23rd Oct 2019

Just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know that I received my shoes on last Friday. My experience with doing business with you is beyond my expectations. I am looking forward to providing you an exceptional review! One thing I have learned by being a CPA, entrepreneur, and business consultant to many for the past 32 years, is that customers will accept a lesser quality product for excellent customer service. Having said that, your customer service is complimentary to the product you produce! Excellent!!!

11th Oct 2019

Thank you so much again for providing the DHL express service on the house. Will definitelybe buying again in the nearfuture this year. Thank you,

9th Oct 2019

Just received my boots. Thank you very much. Amazing work. Will order from again. A++

7th Oct 2019

i, Allan, got the package. I can say nothing, but EXCELLENT WORK!!! Thank you very much! Have a great day! Kindest Regards I.D.

7th oct

Thanks alot , the shoes have arrived . It's fantastic . Keep on good working . Regards

6th Oct 2019

Would like to leave a review: Allan sent me updates of the shoes being made (which was pretty cool to see!). Also went out of his way to ensure I would receive the shoes before my wedding. Received the shoes yesterday, THEY ARE SO AMAZING!!! Not only they look so good but they also feel good. Doesn't feel like I am walking on heels at all :) Thank you again, will definitely come back for my next pair!

30th Sept.

I received my package yesterday and as expected, the craftsmanship, detail and quality is superb.I wanted to thank you and your staff for a job well done.

30th Sept.

Alan Received my shoes they are fabulous. Many thanks When are you coming to London England?

23rd Sept.

Allan, Shoes look GREAT!!! I am 120% satisfied. Thank you very much! i will be ordering another 2 pair very soon!! Keep up the awesomework. RS

15th Sept

Man your craftmanship is secound to none! Dam nice shoes!

27th Aug 2019

Received the shoe today. I am extremely impressed and will be leaving a great review for you. Thanks for accommodating my replacement shoe. Best, Sebastian

27th Aug 2019

I have that same shoe in tan & I am stoked to get it in black.It is actually the shoe I wear the most. Very sexy shoe. I wear it on dates, when I hit the bar scene, even to church & work.

20th Aug.

I already have the Todi Boots in the middle brown gloss - I absolutely love them by the way and I constantly receive compliments on them.

7th Aug

Thanks. I am wearing the brown ones as I type.

6th Aug

Hi Allen Got my boots today and wow !! Super quality! Yours are the best no matter what the cost . I will be looking on your site for more in the future , beautiful work ! Thx Raiford

5th Aug 2019

Thank you soooooo much for the boots , they are AWESOME and fit perfect🏼, also thank you for the inserts, they give me another inch or so in height and help me walk more straight , you did an outstanding job and I can’t thank you enough. Charles In Columbus Ohio

27th July 2019

OMG! Just received the shoes today and WOW!! These are the best pair of shoes I have ever seen/owned. I would like to order another pair of the same formal 5 incher. You think I can get the same deal on it? I’ll pick the color and place the order tomorrow. Thank you so much!!!!

18th July

Hey Allan, Just wanted to let you know these turned out incredible. They are exactly the style and color I was looking for as a man in his mid 20s. You are truly a craftsman and artist. Thanks

9th July

Thank you. I AM very happy with my shoes


I got them love them look and feel great plan on possibly another shoe order thx

5th July

I received the shoes today and I am very happy :-) very nice shoes. Thanks

30th June 2019

Allan Love the boots!!! They came in last night. Thanks again! Shaun

11th June 2019

Allan, Just want to let you know I got the boots and they are really gorgeous, a great new addition --- I 3" increase are wonderful, and I wore them almost every day for the past 2 years. They were very comfortable and had no issues walking with them and no one ever suspected they are elevator shoes.

10th June 2019

Love the shoe, the width is perfect. The craftsmanship is amazing and I get compliments on them constantly!

10th of June 2019

Hello “Don”/Allen, Just want to say that you are the best. I’ve bought a couple shows from you and they have held up amazingly well. Big props to you and your company!

1st of June 2019

Just one word. SUPERB.

28th May 2019

Hi Don, I received the shoes on yesterday and they are truly nice!!!Very good looking and comfortable shoe!! I will be ordering the exact same color and pair within the next few weeks!!

27th May 2019

Hi Allan, I’m wearing the shoes right now. Thanks for your speedy production! They’re a tiny bit snug but I know the leather will relax into a conforming fit. Feels good. Full leather sole is beautiful. Thank you,

21st May 2019

Hello, The boots look amazing and wear amazing as well!

21st May 2019

Hi Allan Got the shoes, they look absolutely amazing!

20th May 2019

Hi Allan Boot arrives. They are amazing. Thank you very much. Already planning my next pair. Best Wishes

15th May 2019

Hi Allan, Received my new boots today. Made up! Top quality and a perfect fit. These will be my go to footwear for a long time to come. Thank you so much. Best Wishes

13th May 2019

Allan Got the shoes! Absolutely beautiful! I can’t say enough about how great of a job you did on them. Many thanks for the wonderful workmanship! Sent from my iPhone

9th May 2019

Allan, I received my shoes today. Beautiful work once again. Thank you for expediting delivery after resolving the missing order issue. I very much appreciate how you handled things once you became aware of the problem. Until my next order, take care. Regards,

7th May 2019 (Full Bespoke Order)

The shoes fit great! Really comfortable and looking good! Best Brett

4th May

I got them love them so far if no issues with quality will give good review and order more. They fit well and so light which is nice as other shoe makers shoes are heavy.

28th April 2019

I have received the shoes. Thats beautiful. Thank you very much. Best regards,

26th April 2019

First day wearing the shoes and doing some light walking. They feel amazing so far.

17th April

Hey Allan, Just wanted to let you know that my shoes arrived safely and I'm extremely pleased with them. They turned out amazing. A bit different than I expected, but any changes made were made for the better.

30th March

Hello Allan I just received th shoes. Excellent. Thank you very much for your good work. Actually, I think this is the right model and size for me. Please Keep the Details for further orders in other leathers and Colors. Have a nice weekend.

22nd March 2019

Hey don just received the shoes!! They are perfect size and feel very comfortable! I will be ordering more soon from you! Cheers!

15th March 2019

Don, I got the shoes. They're awesome. You did a superb job. I've never had a pair of custom made shoes before. You are a real artisan. Thank you,

6th March 2019

Hi Allan The shoes arrived last week and I'm loving them! They are best fitting of 3 pairs I have so far. I like the arch support in particular. I think the narrowest part of sole under the arch of foot is slightly narrower than previous ones making a big difference. Also maybe it's the design but the tip alignment is perfect with the latest pair, previous 2 are slightly deviated internally. Thanks for the great job. I'm already looking into next pair.

21st Feb 2019

I meant to send you a note earlier. I received your boots in the mail today and I am absolutely blown away. They are gorgeous- I love the way they fit and the way they make me feel. And you sent them just in time for a vacation! I am very satisfied with this level of quality and service.

21st Feb 2019

Allan, I received the shoes in the mail earlier this morning. You've done an amazing job and I would like to say that I am highly satisfied with the design and comfortability of the shoes. Furthermore, the service you provide is excellent and worthy. You have gained another ongoing customer as I will be making more orders from you in the future.

20th Feb 2019

Just got the shoes, they look amazing. As always you are the best in the industry! Happy times Don, Thank you, W

6th Feb

just got my shoes. perfect fit. very well made as always. thank you

5th Feb

The dark heel you did before on my previous ones look so natural!

5th Feb 2019

Order arrived. Beautiful product. Even better than expected. Will be ordering many more. Thanks. Really well made and comfortable.

31st Jan 2019

Allan, I’ve receive the shoes (third pair already from you) and I am very pleased with the fit, workmanship and color. Always great job and worth the wait. Quick question for my future reference: the rubber sole (see this last pair I received) - does it come in other colors options? Thank you again - I was very pleased with this pair, especially that you’ve had the leather in exactly the custom color I requested & expected.

26th Jan 2019

Dear Allan, I just received the shoes today, and they are beautiful! Exactly what I needed. The size is perfect. They are also so like the original Beatle boots that I got very emotional about it! Thanks again for all the hard work, and the faith (and style!) that you put into this.

24th Jan

Dear Allan, Received the shoes. They are wonderful. Thank you.

23rd Jan

Don— Just opened up my new shoes last night and I could not be happier.Superb craftsmanship and materials!You are my go-to source for quality tall-shoes from now on. (I don’t need many pairs, but when I do…) Thanks again,

7th Jan

Dear Allen I received my shoes today and what an amazing job did you do. Beautiful shoes!! Thank you so much.


Hope you are doing great. I don't know if you remember me, I have ordered couple hand made customized boots from you 7 years ago and I'm still using them. Amazing quality!!


I love how is it cushioned and how it feels on the inside. You an artist and an amazing master.

4th Jan 2019

Got the shoes yesterday. I love the finish and fit . Mid sole tech makes it so comfortable to wear them. Thanks for making them and shipping them to India. They will perfectly compliment my outfit for the wedding. Thanks again

1st Jan 2019

Thanks! I have just taken the package from the customs. First impression - even better then the original pic from the web! Happy and successful new year for you and your family!

31st Dec

Hi Allan/Don, I have received my shoes. They look great. Thank you very much. I would like order one more pair

29th Dec

I have received the boots, they are awesome! Really love what you offer this was my first order from Dons and you've made a permanent customer.I'll be ordering again soon,

28th Dec

I picked up my shoes this morning. They are absolutely beautiful. The fit is so comfortable and perfect, that I don’t want to take them off. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone

14th Dec

Hi Don: My son really likes the boots. Thanks for making such beautiful shoes, Emily

13th Dec 1028

I have now received the shoes and they both look and fit perfect :)

10th of Dec

Haha I’m already buying a new pair!! Unbelievably good. I’ve been wearing them for a while now and they are standing up really well to daily use. I’m excited for the next ones to come in. Quite taking all my paycheck ;) Sincerest thanks... again.


You do beautiful work, Don. I'm so very happy to have found you. I will be placing future orders without a doubt.

9th Dec 2018

Hello, I have had your shoes for some time with almost daily wear inside and out of the office. I have been 100% satisfied with the quality and comfort of these shoes They are fantastic. As time has passed, the heel and sole have started to wear. Do you or your factory do repairs/resoling? I would prefer to take my shoe to the original manufacturer for repairs Dec 5th They are a Christmas present for my son. He absolutely loved the pair you made for him a few years ago.

30th Nov

Hi Allan, just wanted to write you to say that I absolutely love the shoes, they are essentially perfect.

25th Nov

Thanks Allan , shoes arrived. They look great too.. Sent from my iPhone

25th Nov

Thanks Allan, I picked them up, excellent quality as always! Thank you.

21st Nov

Don, I just recieved my order. This shoe is a masterpiece. Very well done I'll be honest, I had my doubts dropping $300 but I am very satisfied. The craftsmanship is second to none I wish the best for your business.

13th Nov

You the best Allan! Appreciate all the hard work and confidence your shoes have given me. I have 4 MST pairs and swear by them!

11th of Noveber ( 100 Years Since the end of the 1st World War

Hi Allan, Just a quick note to let you know that the dressy pair of shoes you made fit perfectly and I’ve worn them almost every day since I received them!

28th Oct

Hi Allan, Just a note to say thank you for making me such a fantastic pair of boots for my cousin's wedding last weekend.I received many compliments and let them know where they were made.My wife and I had a really fun time and the boots felt totally awesome.Thanks again for everything, I've decided that you are the only one I will be ordering my boots from, they are indeed the best.I look forward to one day meeting you at a trunk showthe next time you come to California.Good luck with your upcoming travels .. wishing you all the best!

25th OCt

Allan, these are absolutely beautiful shoes. I’m totally impressed. Thank you Billy

23rd OCT

Hi Allan, I received my grey and white Ralph shoes today.They are amazing.The fit is wonderful and they are comfortable.Definitely a shoe to be worn without socks and with shorts.The height is so concealed there is no way anyone could ever tell you are taller.I just love them.You are a master.

11th Sep 2018

Good evening, I received the shoes, they are perfect beaut

10th Sept

Hello Don The shoes are just fabulous :) Realy thank you

27th Aug

Hi Allan, My spencer arrived yesterday. Absolutely amazing. Love them. Wore them all day so comfortable.

22nd Aug

great thank you so much! you're the best! my four pairs of boots i bought from you i get complimented on them everyday:)

21st Aug

Allan, What a wonderful surprise. My beach loafers arrived ! I didn’t realize that you had sent them so it made my day. They are so much nicer than the picture. You truly are a master of your trade. They fit perfectly and are so comfortable. I really appreciate you ! Thank you.

18th Aug

Hi Allan ....shoes are gorgeous....thank you very much!!!!!!

13th Aug

The BEPPE specifically that I bought from you has gottena tonof compliments the first time I wore them to the office! I wish we can leave reviews!

13th Aug

I've bought two shoes from you and I've loved both of them. I have gotten many compliments on them too! I am definitely going to be a regular customer.I am actuallyalready eyeing a bunch of other shoes that I plan on buying down the road.

10th Aug 2018

Allan, My shoes arrived ! You really are a true genius. They fit well and are so comfortable. Such a good looking shoe. I appreciate your workmanship. I am going to order my 4th pair now. Regards,

4th Aug 2018

Received shoes. They are beautiful. Thank you

17th July

Thank you Allan. My 4th pair!! I'm ready to order #5 :) As always, I appreciate your work! Cheers, ------------ Dan, I just received my blue shoes. I am very happy with it and it the best shoes i have bought. Good job and well done. Its very light and pointy toe and 5 inch height are best combination ever and quality is super !!!!!

9th of July 2018

Hello Don, I received my order yesterday and I am very satisfied and happy with the work you have done .. I hope to see you in your NY trunk Show this Julyand order some more shoes.Thank you very much

7th of July

Thank you for the excellent job done on order 310786. I am very impressed and will be ordering my fourth pair in a few weeks ------ Thank you so much Allan, you're the best shoemaker I know of and I wouldn't shop anywhere else - Sean Regards

3rd of July

Thanks so much Don! The shoes are fantastic. Amazing quality, perfect fit. Ryan

26th June 2018

Dear Don, I have been wearing my new shoes for over a month and I am a very satisfied customer.Thank you and those who work for you. Best regards

7th June 2018

Hi Allan, I got my shoes yesterday, I love it! thank you for the fine work.

6th June 2018

Dear Allan You my good man are LEGEND !!!!! The shoes just arrived mate !!!!! There fuckin gorgeous mate Bloody fit perfectly Any the midsole feels damn near flat As you can tell I’m well chuffed I’ll never buy another pair of shoes anywhere else again lol

6th June 2018

I received three pair of shoes today in one box.They fit perfect, look great, an I am extremely satisfied. I ordered five pair of shoes. I assume the other shoes will arrive in the following weeks. No rush

4th June 2018

Thks Allan, just to confirm the shoes arrivedFridayJ Thank you so much I absolutely love them, they look and fit fantastic! I look forward to ordering some more shoes/trainers in the near future. Thks v.much ! Regards

1st June 2018

So best of news Allan Shoes arrived while I was at work today, and I have to say I seriously impressed. These shoes are everything I was hoping for and then some. Very comfortable even right from first putting them on, and once they are broken in I’m sure they will be even better. Thank you again for all your help and time on these. And I do look forward to ordering another pair from you in the near future.

31st MAY 2018

I have a problem, I cannot take your shoes off! I have own gucci and valentino boots and I probably will never wear them again. Thanks again, these boots are amazing Regards, Matt

24th May 2018

Hey, I just received my new shoes and I love them - you do great work!!


I can’t tell you how many compliments I get when I wear your shoes. Particularly the short boot

23rd May

The shoes are great!!!

19th May

Hello Allan I got the shoes. they are wonderful! you are a genies thank you very much


Hi Don- Thank you so much for expediting my last order to arrive in time for a function I had last week. It went very well, and my elevator Wall Streets helped! I've placed another order for Ralph Lauren Tribute

16th May

I just received the shoes and I'm so happy they are perfect I don't even feel like they are elevator shoes they feel like normal shoes thanks for the great job I'll be ordering more soon will let you know thanks loved them...

14th May

Hi Don, theshoes are arrived and are beautifull.

9th May

The shoes are amazing!! They fit well and are made incredibly! Thank you so much!! You are a great shoe maker!!!

5th of May 2018

No problem. Thank you, Don! I hear you’re a great shoe maker. I look forward to wearing them!

27th April

Don love your excellent hulk boots ill be buying another pair soon. the best pair of shoes ever.


Thank you so much. The shoes are very nice. My husband has worn elevator shoes all his life and the quality has gone down so that we decided to try yours. even though they are more expensive and we were taking a chance on the sizing. Much appreciated.

24th April

Got my shoes, fit perfectly! Thank you ,

21st April

Good day Allen, I received my boots on Monday and today is the first chance I've had to weak them out. They are fantastic!! They fit perfectly and are so comfortable. Plus I can't believe how many complements I've gotten on them... some complements from complete strangers. I am very pleased with the boots and I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. This is the first pair I've ordered from you but definitely not the last. Beyond thankful,

16th April

By the way, you have earned a loyal customer. I will go to you for all of my shoes before looking elsewhere. The quality is amazing and the height increase works well in the professional environment!! Cheers,

13th April

Allan, I just wanted to inform you that my shoes have arrived. I also wanted to say that I am more than satisfied with the shoes you made! The quality of your work and attention to detail is outstanding! You are truly a master at what you do and hope you that you continue making shoes for many years to come! I look forward to ordering more shoes from you in the future!

8th April 2018

Hey Don, After wearing the shoes out in the world I could not be happier! The popping sound completely stopped. I'd like to purchase another pair or two. Would you be able to provide me with a discount code again? Thanks!

7th April 2018

I received shoes this morning . Everything is fine I will buy new ones in the near future. Sincerly

31st of March

Hi Allan No worries. I received the shoes today. Very nice and especially comfortable. They are exactly like I wanted them ! Thanks to pay attention to my wishes. Kindest regards,

29th March

I just wanted to say that I received the Botticellis shoes and they are magnificent.I'm going to wear them proudly to my event this weekend. I will definitely be looking to purchase more when I get back

26th Match 2018

Don, I ordered a pair of Munoz boots from you back in December.They arrived, fit really well, and I have greatly enjoyed them - very nice work.

23rd March 2018

Yeah, they are beautiful shoes... well done my friend. I look forward to receiving thoseAmerican Football 01s. You have quite the talent.

19th March 2018

I received 2 of the shoes - they are terrific. Thank you very much

1st MArch 2018

Allan:Received my boots. Perfect. Thanks for all your service.

20th Feb

Hi Allan, I've absolutely loved the Winnepeg Winters. They've stood up well in rain, sleet, and snow! The Mayfairers are also amazing. A huge design improvement over some of the other formal shoes I've bought. Bravo!

20th Feb

I got the shoes today and they are very beautiful and design, and most importantly of all they are very comfortable to wear.

8th Feb

Hey Don hope all is good in the new year. My shoes are holding up great. Everytime I wear them I get compliments. Every single time! I plan to order the exact pair again but in all black. I'll be doing it through your site soon. Thanks again for your hard work & attention to detail.

8th Feb

Allan:Perfect. Thank you so much for your excellent workmanship and service. I remain a long an continuing customer.

7th Feb

Hey thanks Allan. I have received the shipment and the shoes are amazing! Thank-you for the great service.

2nd Feb

Hey Allan I wear my shoes now for two days, and they are awesome! The look is great and the comfort is very high. Thank you for your work! Best regards

24th Jan

Alan Loving my new Don's shoes I missed you when u came to London. Any further trips plans? Keep me up with any sales u have Thanks

23rd Jan

Hi, I received the shoes today. They're excellent quality. I will definitely be ordering again soon. Thanks. :) Sent from my iPhone

21st Jan 2018

Thank you for the wonderful shoes. You're such an amazing shoemaker. If I decided to buy the 2nd pair of shoes,

17th Jan 2018

Thanks Allan! I received my shoes today! They are great! Thanks for an excellent job! Sent from my iPhone

16th Jan 2018

Hey Don! I received the shoes! Thx a lot what an amazing piece! Keep up the good work! I will soon be reordering one !

6th Jan 2018

Happy New Year. I got the last pair of shoes. Again lovely craftsmanship! I have just ordered a new pair for work

31st Dec 2017

Thank you, they made it just in time!! Gotten many compliments! Can’t wait to get the other pair. Thanks again and happy new year. Planning on buying a few more soon

15th Nov 2017

Dear Don, Regardless of the delay, as i already sent you, the shoes are just amazing. Now i have a bunch of people who might be ordering through me your shoes soon As for now, i hope this order won't time like my first order.

28th Nov 2017

Got the shoes a few days ago, love them! Absolutely beautiful and will order again in the future. Thanks.

14th Nov 2017

I received my shoes and WOW!!! The fit was spot on. The Midsole was loose and clicked for a while, then stopped after I walked around in them a while. The lift was nice and even , it felt natural when walking around. Thank you for creating a great shoe company, with quality and customer service.

8th Nov 2017

Good Evening I received the order and love the shoes! The blue ones are absolutely epic and have received numerous compliments at work.

5th Nov 2017

Hello Alan, I just received the boots...and I wanted to write you immediately. These are the most beautifully crafted, comfortable boots I have ever worn in my life. Not only have they raised my height without the horrible, unbearable arched heal that comes with every other height increasing boot/insole I’ve ever bought, but they are also stunningly beautiful. I will be placing MULTIPLE orders, and will probably never buy a pair of shoes or boots from anywhere else, ever again. You have changed the way I walk. Thank you Sent from my iPhone


JUst got my boots don they are perfection thanks alot mate

28th of Oct 2017

Allan You craftedfor me an absolutely handsome pair of shoes, beautiful. The leather is just the right texture with it's own characterandwith the reddish hue - wow. Soles are excellent providing some give and the MST is an engineering marvel.

28th Oct 2017

Hi Alan I have just received my boots as shown above order number 202716 I cannot tell you how happy I am! These are absolutely beautiful Comfortable Aesthetically genius as the height increase is in no way abnormal to the shape of the boot I am so grateful and am already looking at your website getting ready to order my next shoe Thank you so much You are an artist Best wishes Allan ----- I just got these in today. Amazing work, I love them. Great fit and look! Love the Don's shoes! Thanks https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DM4gYUyUQAE2Cg8.jpg:large

21st Oct 2017

Dear Allan, You’re a genius. Thank you so much for such perfect shoes. Literally couldn’t walk properly without you. Your craftsmanship, everything, is simply stunning. Eternally grateful James

12th Oct

I received my Bergamo elevator shoes yesterday and I must say...I am a satisfied customer. I won't lie...it took a while to get here and I was a little nervous, but it was worth the wait. Like my grandma always told me anything worth doing is worth doing well and I believe these shoes were well done.

7th Oct 2017

I got my shoes and it is really nice. I like a lot. It has very high quality. Thanks! I will order another one soon

2nd Oct 2017

Good Morning Allan, I received my shoes yesterday and they are wonderful! They are very well made and very comfortable I love them! Again, I am very impressed with the quality of your shoes! So happy to have found your website and I look forward to your reply so I can order more.

25th Sept 2017

Got my shoes and i just wanted to let you know they are OUTSTANDING and i love them. You can be assured i will defiantly be ordering from you again. Again Bravo!

5th Sept 2017

Shoes arrived---many thanks!They look good, but take a bit of getting used to in terms of wearing them..They should fill the bill nicely though. Thanks again--

3rd f September

Thank you Allan. You make incredible shoes. My mcviker midsole are incredibly comfortable. Look forward to buying more in the future. Sent from my iPad -------

27th Aug 2017

Hey Allan, I just wanted to let you know that my shoes arrived today. Thank you for your wonderful work - they're great. God bless you!!

17th Aug 2017

Hi Allan, Just wanted to say I got the shoes and they're amazing.Thanks again.I'll be ordering again very soon.

16th of Aug 2017

Good morning Allan, Just received the shoes. Wow!!! they are great. Beautiful job and the fit are right on. Many, many thanks. You are the man as we say in Canada. It’s a pleasure dealing with you. Have a great day and do take care, we will be dealing again real soon.

14th Aug 2017

Dear Don, I have just received my shoes today, and I want to thank you for the amazing work, I LOVED it! Amazing quality, superb finishing and craftsmanship, and it is exactly what I was after. It is very rare nowadays to have a product with such a high quality, reminds me of the days when shoes were made to last for a decade! I look forward to buying more and more in the near future!

8th August 2017

Hi Allan These two turned up today, thanks for that. Both are perfect, even better than the previous pair. Thanks for your fabulous work, Sent from my iPhone

8th August 2017

Don, The boots are amazing. Thank you for doing such a quality job and getting them to me in a timely fashion. You're truly great at what you do. If I ever want another pair I'll be sure to order from you again. Thanks again,

31st of July

Allan, I got the shoes I ordered.I can't thank you enough, the look, the quality, and how you listened to my comments about creating extra space for my orthotics.Also you added a few tricks to make sure the heel blended in with the rest of the shoes to make it less obvious. It's really great that there are people like you that help people like this.I'm definitely ordering another pair as soon as I get my next paycheck. Thank you so much

26th July 2017

It s delivered sooner then I thought ! The shoes are great, thanks again

22nd July 2017

I got my first set of shoes... I love them!

19th of July 2017

Amazing Allen. You need to do a Philadelphia show! Shoes are out of this world.

17th July

Hey Allan, I received my shoes today - they're awesome!! I hope to order some more very soon. I now need a pair of dress shoesfor church. Thanks again, and God bless.

14th of July 2017

Hey Don. Just wanted to say a massive thanks for the boots in order ***** They are gorgeous and I received loads of compliments from family members over the weekend. I'm a 5ft 8' guy, so a lift of 2 inches makes a massive difference - from feeling a bit short, to a bit tall! And so discreet as well. Looking forward to buying more from you soon :)

7th of July

Thank you, I have received it! It was delivered within a couple days. I thank you for being very quick. The shoes are everything my partner had asked for. He loved them. We will be repeat customers. Thank you so much again!

5th of July

Dear Allan, You're boots are genius! Today I gotmy first pair of boots from Don's, and I'm super excited!Bootsfit like a glove, look smart with slight burnish look, and I'm a serious fan now!! :DI look forward to getting my second pair in order soon. **Please make these exactly same way with [studded soles]. Have a great week! Kindest wishes to you and your team, p.s. When is your New York Trunk Show? I want to book a time to meet.

28th of June 2017

Hi Allan. My boots arrived. I am very pleased. Excellent job. Thank you again,

24th of June 2017

Don I received the shoes and they look great. Thank you so much again. I will be ordering some more pairs in the near future. Keep up the great work!

2nd June 2017

Hello Allan, I just received my Bergamo 2 shoes and they are magnificent. I’ll be ordering a regular pair of Bergamo in brown.

29th May 2017

Hi Allan I have just stretched my boots by a shoe repair shop,and the fitting is perfect I can't believe it,they're the best boots I have ever had the lift in side the boot is amazing it's like wearing normal shoes, thanks Allan I am so happy. Kindest Regards James Mexias Sent from my iPad

25th May

Just received the shoes yesterday and I absolutely love them. MST is amazing and provides great support and the looks of the shoes are very attractive. I would definitely like to order more shoes from you in the future.

23rd May 2017

Amazing u did it again. The last pair is amazing.

23rd of May 2017

They arrived, and I must say... I'm very impressed. They fit well and the quality is second to none. Thank you don.

15th May 2017

Received the shoes. Great all around, really comfortable, feels a bit unnatural walking in them but I guess it will take some breaking in and getting familiar with. Looks fine as hell. Thanks.

14th May 2017

Hello, I recieved my boots today morning they're great. Thanks. Will order some more shoes soon.

13th May 2017

I truly truly love the shoe! Its perfect! wooow my wife loves it! Can you do me a favor? seriously! The shoe is amazing! This is my favorite! Also i got it in time! God bless you

13th May 2017

Wonderful job!! Better than the last ones Thank you!

12th May 2017

Hi Allan, I have worn the shoes on several occasions and I absolutely love them. They stretched out quickly and now fit perfectly. I have never enjoyed an apparel product as much as I have yours!I can't thank you enough.

10th May 2017

Received the shoes . Very Happy thank you.

10th May 2017

I just received them! The shoes are great! Thank you! :)

9th May 2017

Hi Allan Thanks very much - arrived this morning. Excellent. I'm very happy with the shoes.

6th May

Hi Allan Just letting you know my boots arrived safely; they fit perfectly and are wearing in nicely. I would certainly recommend your products to anyone who appreciates workmanship of this standard. Suffice it to say that when it comes to my next pair of shoes or boots - I'll be back. All the best, 

25th of April

Hi Allan great job! I got both pairs and they look awesome. I'll order another pair of MST Frangou

20th of April

Dear Don, Received the shoes yesterday, and love them! The craftsmanship is beautiful and i love the weight. I feel like I own a secret weapon now. thanks, 

20th of April 2017

Hi Allan, Both pair returned from the stretcher and both fit perfectly.The shoe repair shop is in Studio City, California. The owner works with a lot of high end shoes.He said these are very high quality.

18th of April 2017

Alan, I just got my boots and I LOVE them!! I’m going to buy a ton more. The construction and feel is excellent.

18th of April 2017

The shoes arrived this weekend. They are both beautiful! Very well made with gorgeous leather.

13th of April 2017

Alan, I just got my boots and I LOVE them!! I’m going to buy a ton more. The construction and feel is excellent. I wear boots nearly every day and am concerned that wearing the same style will get a bit old.

12th of April

Hi Allan, I just wanted to let you know that I received my order. The shoes are works of art!The fit was great too. I just put in another order for 2 more pairs. Thanks for the great work on the first pair.

11th of April

Hi Allan Have received the shoes - they're great. Apart from the excellent craftsmanship and quality, the midsole tech is brilliant. They are so much more comfortable than my other elevator shoes - and feel more stable - I thought for a moment that you'd forgotten they were elevator shoes and had to double check and measure myself. Have taken a walk down the street and am very impressed by the comfort and stability - I don't feel as if I'm leaning forward as I did in the other shoes. I've just ordered another pair in the Botticelli. I've ordered a 10 rather than a 10.5 as the pair I've just received are slightly big for me, but will wear them with inserts, that should make them more snug. Thanks again for the quality, comfort and the speed of delivery.

11th of April 2017

Got them today Allan. Worth the wait! Excellent quality and exactly what I was looking for. I will be ordering a dress shoe from you in the near future.. Thanks... 

9th of April 2017

Hello Allan I am happy to tell that we fixed the shoes so he can wear them without any problem. You got a lot of compliment for your work as well! Thank you 

6th of April 2017

Hi Allan, (LOL..I kept mistakenlycalling you Don) I just want to know that have all the shoes that I ordered from you and they are...SPECTACULAR! The craftsmanship, your work, and materials are just amazing. Thank you very much for making these great shoes. The quality and the color is unbelievable. The shoe that I told to that felt tight, has stretched and is now perfect. I promise that I will order more, perhaps as soon as your next sale, so when that happens please let me know. Again, I am so proud of these shoes. Thanks again,

6th of April 2017

Good evening Allan, The purpose of this email is to let you know that I love my new handmade shoes. They are comfortable, unnoticeable and look great with just about any outfit. Thank you for keeping me updated through out the time and look forward to doing business with you again. Best regards,

6th of April 2017

The shoes are great...Thank you ! I will be buying again.I hope you have repeat buyer discount. All the best !

4th of April 2017

Hey Allan, FYI received the second pair today!!! Sorry to bust your chops matey, appreciate your patience and great service, also bloody amazing shoes!! Customer for life. Cheers 

30th March 2017

Hello Allan, I received my 2 pairs of shoes. As the first pairs purchased, I am very very satisfied. See you soon for new purchases. Thanks again.

28th March 2017

Don, Just want to say thank you. My nephew loved the shoes you made for him. He wore them his whole wedding day and said that they were really very comfortable. The added height definitely helped him look eye to eye with his bride.

24th March 2017

Hi Allan, I just got the shoes today and its great. It pass my expectation.. Thank you a lot, sincerely.

17th Mrch 2017

Hi Allan Received my shoes today, and they are really comfortable. Really love them. Will be ordering some more asap Regards

13th March 2017

BTW- My about 5 year old brown pair of these, which were resoled locally,are still going strong.

12th March 2017

Hi Don, As you know, I've been ordering from you since 2012 and have a closet FULL of your amazing shoes. In fact, I just ordered 2 more pairs a couple of days ago. The midsole tech is so incredible and I'm so grateful you created that; now no one knows!

7th March 2017

Can't wait to get the new shoes. Sadly it's time to retire a couple of old pairs bought from your good self. For your reference I've managed 4 and 2 years out of them- with one resole. And given I'm a junior doctor and walk 10-12,000 steps a day I think that's pretty dam good! Thanks for your work once again, Can't wait for the new pair,

3rd March 2017

Greetings!! to you Don. I just wanted to update and thank you for the shoes I got from the mail it has been almost a month now since I started to wear them. love the leather finally broke them in.

24th Feb 2017

Just now placed my 5th shoe order in a span of 45 days.Love the shoes, very comfortable and well made.I can't wait to receive my 4th and 5th pair.

19th Feb 2017

I received the shoes yesterday. Thank you for the beautiful work!

17th of Feb

Absolutely beautiful Allan, I can't thank you enough !

16th of Feb

I have them now, and they are great! Fabulous boots and the best yet from you I think! I’m breaking them in right now.

15th of Feb

The quality of your workmanship is second to none! Kind Regards

14th Feb 2017

Look forward to meeting you and ordering more Cuban heeled Chelsea boots . My two pair I received from you are my favorite ever.

12th Feb 2017

I got both pairs of the Workman the black n the brown ... n I absolutely love them!!The fit the style n the comfort !! As soon as u send the black D'ETNA ... I'm ready to order two more pair of ur amazing shoes !!! Allan they are truly remarkable! Sent from my iPhone

8th Feb 2017

I received the Chelsea boots and they are very nice and comfortable. I've ordered another pair from your sale collection. I looks forward to receiving them

8th Feb 2017

Hi Allan, Just received my new double monk shoes and they are BRILLIANT! They fit beautifully and are the envy of everyone in my office. Even better than I’d envisaged.

7th of Feb 2017

The shoes arrivedon Saturday. .Wow ....I luv them.. Great work..Everyone is giving me compliments on how sweet they look.. Great work.. Imy going to order something else this week..

31st of Jan 2017)'

The great thing about these MST Monsters is they have a nice, soft clinking sound when you walk with them... like you're Clint Eastwood headed for a gunfight in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Just an added bonus, courtesy of Dons Footwear.

30th Feb 2017

My shoes arrived yesterday and I could not be more pleased.The quality and and construction appear to be superb.This is my first time with height increasing shoes and the midsole technology appears to make that aspect seamless.I really love the leather and stitching...everything about the overall product.Your service from the time of order to delivery was also excellent.If these shoes wear as well as they look you may not hear from me for awhile but you have definitely acquired a customer for life.Thank you so much!! Best Regards

25th Jan 2017

I've just received them (last night). Thank you, they look great and they fit!

20th January

Love, LOVE both pairs of MST Monsters I got in the red & black!!!! The mini inserts are incredibly HIGH QUALITY. Feels like I'm wearing works of art on my feet.

3rd of jan 2016

HI Allan, Thanks so much, overall I'm super happy with the shoes so I'll be ordering all my shoes from you from now on

2nd of January 2017

Allan, Hello and Happy New Year! The first pair of boots arrived and areBRILLIANT! Thank you!

31st Dec 2016

Allan, I'm sure you know this already, but the shoes are perfect. Very well made and extremely comfortable. I'll be ordering from you again soon! Thanks,

31st Dec 2016

Allan , I received the shoes today! They look and feel great! Awesome Job! I'm going to order 2 more pair soon. Happy and healthy New Years! Thanks again...

29th Dec 2016

Hi- just to let u know the shoes arrived today and it's a beauty. Well worth the wait. Thanks. Sent from my iPad

28th Dec 2016

Hello, I received the shoes. Thanks for awesome quality. Please keep the good work as you are doing. Regards.

28th Dec 2016

Just wanted u to know I absolutely love the shoes... n they r sooooo comfortable. Working for an airline that's so important so thank u so much !!I'd like to order "the Workman Boot", black on black (reg not glossy ) in the 5.5 inch height.... if your able to do it please let me know ... thank you again so much !

24th Dec 2016

Hi, I got the package a week or so ago. They look amazing - thank you so much for them!

21st Dec 2016

This is just a quick message really. I just received my new boots from you and I have to say they are awesome. Thank you very much for such a high quality boot made the way I specified. Really excellent work

19th Dec 2016

Hi Allan, Hope you are doing well.I hope to visit you next month, and I wanted to know if it might be possible to get a pair of dress shoes made that have a 4 or 5 inch rise. By the way, I love the shoes I bought last time, I wear them nearly every day and they are holding up great!


I have them now. They're perfect. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone

10th Dec 2016

Allan, these shoes were absolutely incredible! So, perfect. Thank you so very much for this, and for the quick turn-around - VERY pleasantly surprised. You're the best. Hope you have a positively splendid Christmas and New Year! Warmest regards

10th Dec 2016

Thank you so much.Fantastic!Midsole Tech is a remarkably comfortable.

9th Dec 2016

Hello dad I got the shoes today and I love them there are terrific I plan on doing lots of business with you thank you so much!! Sent from my iPhone

27th Nov 2016

Hello Allan, I have just received my second pair of shoes today and they are really very beautiful, of excellent quality. I congratulate you and your team also on your excellent work. I am satisfied to have been able to find a company as yours which thinks of the customer satisfaction with very suitable prices.

16th Nov 2016

Allan, My boots arrived today... wow! These are the most comfortable boots I have ever put on and I have lived in Texas my entire life. (Most of the population where's cowboy boots on a daily basis) You should really consider getting into the cowboy boot market. I have always thought to myself there is no reason cowboy boots should hurt your feet. And thanks for the extra step up! I am shorter guy in a land of tall Texans. So it means a great deal to me to have an extra few inches. Thanks again and I will definitely order more. Best regards Dallas Texas

11th Nov 2016

Hello Allan, I received the first pair of shoes and they are really very beautiful, really, I am very satisfied.

5th Nov 2016

Hi guys, Just wanted to say a big thank you. I recently ordered a pair of MST Slender Double Monk, and by far they are the best shoes I have ever owned. You've gained a customer for life ! I'll be back !

1st Nov 2016

order arrived yesterday, and I am very impressed. This is my second pair of boots and couldnt be happier. Already looking to order another pair these fit so well!

15th Oct 2016

Hello Allan, I received the first three pairs of shoes- they are amazing- in fact so nice I do not want to wear them!

13th Oct 2016

Thank you for the shoes, I really like them, you do a wonderful job. I am waiting for the last pair , hopefully I can receive this week or at the latest next week. Thanks again I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future.

13th Oct 2016

Thank you. I picked them up earlier in the day. They look great and are pretty comfortable as well. I appreciate it.

12th Oct 2016

Mr. Alan/Don, Thank you much for rushing my delivery. I received the shoes yesterday. I am so happy!! You have a customer for life! Amazing product!

8th Oct 2016

just wanted to mention that the pair of MST Elegant dress boots I bought last year are still in great shape. They still look nearly brand new, even though I've been wearing them almost everyday, so thanks for making a perfect boot!

7th Oct 2016

hi Allan just wanted to say that the pepper shoes i ordered have gotten me tons of compliments and men wanting to know where i bought them. best pair of shoes i've ever owned

28th Sept 2016

Don picked up the shoes and now on second day of use.Very pleased so far, good fit and very comfortable. Nice work on the repair too.Thanks

27th Sept 2016

Allan, Just received the shoes today!!!! These are probably the best shoes I have ever owned in my life. Honestly speaking they are the perfect shoe if one was ever made! Please Please make me another one for same cost if you can. I will email you the details of the color and details soon. Thank you so much for the quick turn around and the beautiful craftsmanship. Best,

26th September

Allan! I just received the shoes! Wow!!! Truly a masterpiece!!! :)

23rd Sept 2016

Bonjour Nous avons reçu les chaussures. Elles sont superbes. Merci

22nd Sept 2016

Got the shoes. They look great - thanks :)

6th Sept 2016

Hi Don,I just love my shoes,and I am so glad to have found your company.I think we will be doing busines.s for many years to come.

6th Sept 2016

Allan, It’s been a while, but I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I’m enjoying these shoes you made for me. They are absolutely spectacular. Everywhere I go I get compliments on how beautiful they are, and I love to show them off and tell people how they were hand made by you and everything. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you again.

2nd September 2016

Hello Allan, The McFadens are awesome! They arrived @02:30 pm EST. I cannot remember having this much elevation on a shoe or boot ever, and the fit is perfect, see photo attached.

2nd Sept 2016

Hi Don, I received the MST Slender Monk and they look great. They also fits me perfect.

2nd September 2016

Hi Allan, I received the shoes and they are amazing!! Thank you! I am really happy with them. ill e mail u around next for the next shoes =) thanks 

15th Aug 2016

I've been wearing these for a couple weeks now and they're amazing! So much better than wearing inserts, my balance is great, and the shoes are beautiful. Thanks so much! I'll be ordering a few more pairs soon.

11th Aug 2016

Hey buddy, I got my shoes and I LOVE THEM BOTH. Thank you very much. I am extremely happy. I will be ordering some more this or next week.

6th Aug

Hello Allan!I love the shoes you made for me.They are everything I wanted, and have broken in nicely.

4th Aug

Hi Allan, I have just received the shoes. They look great ! Thanks.

30th July 2016

Hi Allen, I got the shoes and they are great. Thanks much. Think you got me as a returning customer.

22nd of July 2016

Allan, You have an absolutely superior product. The midsole technology allows the shoes to have an even platform, as you know, thus decreasing any back pain that can come with typical elevator shoes. Allan, these shoes are AMAZING!!! They look even better than what I imagined them to be. I'm beyond impressed. These are literally the best shoes I've ever had. And they got here so quickly! :) Thanks so, so, SO much! You've made a huge improvement in my life and for that I'm enormously grateful. Keep up the good work and I'll certainly spread the word around about how great you and your shoes are! Kind regards

19th July

Hello dear Allan, I got my bootsand i wanna thank you very much, i like them so much. you are the best!!! be sure i'll come again. Hugs 

15th July 2016

Hi Allan Shoes arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier with them. They are the perfect fit and match the suit perfectly. Amazing work Thank you. Sent from my iPhone. 

14th July 2016

I'm in love with my boots Allan.Seriously in love. Thank you.

12th July 2016

Hi Don First off- I love the Vans Tribute 01 you sent me a few months back-great fit and I get compliments all the time.

11th July 2016

Hey, I received the shoes and they are truely fantastic. They look great and seem really durable. Thank you so much for all your work on these shoes, and I am definitely going to purchase from you in the near future. Thank you again!

6th July 2016

Thanks Don!I loveyour boots,tell meif I can help spread word. You are an Artistand Master craftsman! Your shoes rival any I've seen in the entireworld. I get compliments wearing them proudlyeverywhere. Many thanks again,

5th July

Hello Allan/Don, Just wanted to let you know I have received my boots and they are spectacular.Thank you for the quality and effort you put into making these, you now have a new customer for life. Cheers,

4th July

allan hello received the shoes thank you they are fab kind regards

2nd July 2016

Hi Allan, The shoes arrived a few days ago, and they're totally fabulous. Great quality and workmanship, and very comfortable. Thanks a ton!

29th June 2016) Post Brexit

I received the shoes you sent me and I must say that they are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sending me such a great product - I absolutely love them. I posted some more nice things for you. I posted a picture of my shoes on Reddit’s /r/shoes,


Just sent an order for my second pair.The pair on my feet right now have been my almost constant companion of three years

27th June 2016

Finally had a chance to wear my new Airboots...So far they're an excellent pair of boots.Thanks for doing such a great job on them.I expect to order some other shoes/boots in the near future.A pleasure doing business with you.

23rd June

Hi Don, Just received the shoes. I really like it. Thank you and Ill order more soon.

22nd June 2016

Hi I just got my shoes and I have to say that it was worth the long way!!🏻 I love them so much thank you very much you did a fantastic job!

21st June 2016

I just want to say that I have received my shoes and they are great! The quality and the look are exactly what I was hoping for. I look forward to further purchases.

15th June 2016

Hi Allan, I received the shoes today. The shoes are great ! Thank you, best regards,

15th June 2016

got shoes...looking good..will order some more..

9th June 2016

Very beautiful pair of shoes.Thank you for trying again to get a good fit, you hit it right on.Please do keep accurate records as I may order shoes from you in the future.

9th June 2016

Hi Allan I got the package. Excellent product.

8th June 2016

Dear Alan, I just got both my new shoes; they look great and fit perfect! Thank you so much and hope to order more soon. Keep up the good job! Best regards,

5th June 2016

Received shoes. Absolutely beautiful. Ur craftsmanship is superb!

29th May 2016

Hi Allan, Just wanted to give you some feedback on the shoes. They’re fantastic! Broken them in now and they’re super comfortable and look great. Trying to decide what my next pair will be

29th May 2016

Hello again Received and have worn my beast pair, love the craftsmanship, will definitely get 9.5 1/2 from now on. Another order coming soon! Thanks

27th May 2016

My Fossato boots are still going strong after about three and a half years too. Thank you.

25th May 2016

Hey man got the shoes today and they are awesome. So comfortable and the material is so amazing. Worth every penny! Thanks Allan. 

24t May

Just got the shoes. They look just amazing and fit perfect. I am beyond pleased with the product as well as service. You guys are great. I'll make sure I recommend them to any I know. All the best and Thank you again.

17th May 2016

Hi Allan, I am very satisfied with the shoes, I would not hesitate to order more Thank you

16th May 2016

Hi Allan I just wanted to congratulate myself with you for the shoes you sent me, delivery was fast and the shoes themselves are beautiful and the fit is perfect. Thank you very much once more.

16th May 2016

I bought a pair of boot rom you three years ago.I've worn them literally almost every day since and I still love them but it is time for another.

13th May 2016

Hi Allan, Thank you and extremely pleased and delighted with the shoes, wearing the business ones today with my Hackett Suit and looks great. I love the attention to detail, the soles are very impressive too, feel snug on first outing but will I know soon give to my foot and I can tell already just how comfy they are.

28th April 2016

Got the boots! They are amazing! Look just like the YSL’s. Thanks again Allan

20th April 2016

Got them! Love them! Thanks for the excellent work!

16th April 2016

Dear Allan, Thank you for the masterpieces you have crafted, very well received, and beyond all expectations. I've never had or even seen a pair of shoes made to such an extremely high standard.

15th April 2016

All arrived. Looking great. Fits much better, thanks Allan. These are quite cool.

14th April 2016

Received the shoes today, they are fantastic quality and look just like I wanted! Will definitely be a continuing customer of Don’s Footwear.

11th April 2016

Hey Allan!! I got the shoes last week, and I put them on for the first time last night when I went to the casino & bar, They are Absolutely Perfect!!!!! Omg I love them!! I think these are a little more elevated than my last pair (which I love)!!! I had my shoe smith put this (Goodyear rubber) bottoms on the soul and heel to protect the leather. It's Amazing!! Again Allan they are perfect!! Keep my size in your computer, and the elevated amount as well cause I'm going to order another pair, I just need to pick another style out. Fabulous work Allan!!!!! Even my shoe smith complemented on the workmen ship!!!

10th April 2016

Don, Shoes came in perfect timing, really loved them. They were excellent dancing shoes as well. Thanks again for everything. Take care

2nd April 2016

Alan, Wow!!!! Two weeks from our last email and we received the shoes yesterday!!! First, thank you for shipping the shoes expedited to me. Second, we will be purchasing shoes in August for the Fall. Third, I can't express how much I appreciate your fast service for a well crafted hand made product!!! Best

1st April 2016

Hello, stumbled upon your website.Your shoes look amazing and the craftsmanship is quite exquisite!I look forward to ordering my first pair someday.Thank you

31st March 2016

Allan!Wow man I am completely blown away at how tremendously awesome the shoes are.They arrived at my folks house and they brought them to my place last night.They are truly the perfect wedding shoein every way.I love the color, fit, and feel like a new man in them.Without a doubt the finest pair of shoes I have ever owned.I just wanted to send you my thanks and appreciation for working with me and for all of the hard work you and your team put in.I have been bragging about how excited I have been and how truly awesome the whole experience has been.I can't wait to get my next pair soon.I hope you are well this week and thank you again for everything.Long live Don's Footwear!

31st March 2016

Hello Allan, I got it! Very happy with your handwork, exactly my size and very comfortable. Just have to set a pad for the sole. Thank you very much.

22nd March 2016

Don! -- The shoes came and THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I am completely in love with them and they fit like a GLOVE. Thank you for making these shoes possible in time for my wedding-- it means so much! Already can't wait to order my next pair from you! Best,

19th March 2016

hello I have received chaussures.elles are beautiful and high quality manufacturing. I'll order you yet other shoes and go through air .merci email and congratulations to the shoemaker Envoyé de mon iPhone

18th March 2016

The black hulks with black soles arrived and they're spectacular. They're extremely comfortable to wear. One of my all time favorites!

18th March 2016

These are amazing! Thanks Allan

16th March 2016

Hello, I just received my boots "The Dealer" and I must say they are beautiful!They are beautifully made, very high quality. The fit and comfort are excellent as well. Thank You.

8th March 2016

By the end of the day they were perfect and today I have been boring everybody about how comfortable they feel. You did a great job . I will be back later in the year for more. Regards

29th Feb 2016

I'm very grateful for the MST Classic 512 shoes you handcrafted for me. They were very comfortable to wear on my wedding day and I owe that pleasant experience on the most important day of my life to you. I was able to dance in them for 2 hours and they felt like sport shoes.They also looked very nice with the tuxedo and received many compliments.

17th Feb 2016

Hi Don - I've bought a pair of shoes from you before. They are the best pair of shoes I've ever owned. Thank you for a great product.

15th Feb 2016

I got a pair from you around 4 years ago (The Massa Carrara) in BLACK, WITHOUTthe Buckle, maybe you remember. Allan the workmanship you put into these is Amazing!!!I still have them, but it's time for a new pair!!

9th Jan 2016

Allan, Once again, I want to tell you how good the shoes you have made for me look---and the more I wear them the better they feel. You are a craftsman

26th Jan 2016

Incredible! Just got the shoes...my posture's already improving! Thanks much, Don!

19th Jan 2016

Thanks Allan I have tried different elevator shoes eg.guidomaggi.combut they quality of the finished work was poor. I like your approach that seems very professional and if is everything as it looks like you will gain a loyal customer. Best regards

10th Jan 2016

Now with your mid-sole technology you are making the BEST dam shoe on the market bar none.I can but offer you my highest regards and compliments. I get many compliments as the quality of the shoe is evident even by simple sight.I am about to make the 4th purchase in about as many months.


You make themso beautifull that they are beautiful in every color.. Very comfortable and does not look weird eventhogh it is the highest shoe. Great work Thank you very much Can't wait for the next pair

7th Jan 2016

I get endless compliments on your new monks - they are truly great shoes.

3rd Jan 2016

Hi Allen - I received the shoes and they are amazing! I love them !! Thank you so much. The craftsmanship is beautiful!!!

1st Jan 2016

You done GOOD Don Allan.

1st Jan 2016

Hello Mr. Allan. I wanted to let you know that ireceived my order and thank you for the great shoe. I have tried many different elevator shoes but none is even close enough to be compared to your work. I cannot wait to buy more shoes from you. sincerely,

31st Dec 2015

Hi Don! I got my pair of shoes today in the mail. It is supurb mate! Well done - I’m loving it. Now you’ve got my hooked on purchasing more of your shoes!


Hello Allan, I received the shoes today, what a work of art. Exactly how I pictured them, cannot be happier, thank you again.


Product arrived today, very impressed. Comfort and style exceeded expectations! Thanks again and happy new year

30th Dec 2015

Got the black pair. They look stunning especially the sole with the darker area in the heel. Thank you. Have a merry Christmas.

21st Dec 2015

Hi Allan, Just to let you know I have received the shoes they fit well and I am happy with the order. Thank you again for you're business, and will be sure to purchase from you again in the future Regards, Sent from my iPhone

17th Dec 2015

Got them yesterday, and they're fantastic! You've got a customer for life.

16th Dec 2015

Hello, sir. We just got your boots and they fit perfectly!! Very pleased. Thank you again for your service and have a good day. Take care.

15th Dec 2015

Hello Allan: I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the 3 pairs of shoes... They are comfortable and casual just as I had hoped and I am glad I bought them. Thanks Allan

14th Dec 2015

The Lotus you recently made from this order is the best shoe that I have ever worn.Excellent job!!!

Reviews from 2014 Below:

Thank you for the shoes. The shoes are really beautiful ! The quality is really good too. have a good day


Hey Allen, I received the boots yesterday! Thanks so much! They look great!


Hi Allan, The shoes arrived last week, and they look sensational! Thanks for your efforts, and I look forward to ordering again in the future!


Hey Allan I got the shoes yesturday they look and feel greatmy next pair will definatly be from you thanks Tank's again Allan


I just received the first shoes,absolutely amazing tank's again,them so comfortable and nice,also tank's for the code number of the discount in the next order will making. Waiting for the second Shoes brilliant man your are an Artist I like it

. -------------------------

Hey Don, I’ve had the shoes for about 3 weeks now, and they are amazing so far! Thanks so much, really appreciate it. Now I’m looking for something more casual to wear regularly.


Dear Allan I just let you know I received the second Shoes,and I am very Happy,the color black and design looks so good,amazing, Tank's very much at all the teamwork Don's footwear And special tank's for the Master Speak you soon! Your customer


Hello Allan, I received the "Della Scilia" and I am very pleased with the quality. I am still waiting for the "Fossato" and the "Salerno" to finish the order. The work on "Della Scilia" isagainexcellent and I am looking forward to receive the other two pairs which I am sure will be of the same exceptional craftsmanship. Best Regards


Hi Allan, Received the shoes today. That is super fast shipping. The shoes look awesome. Very comfortable. You've got one very happy customer. Thanks a lot.


We received the shoes, they fit perfectly and John said he will be ordering more !! I am his wife Brenda I do the ordering etcetera just so you know who you're correspond with LOL Allan, Just a note of thanks - you made a little boy so very happy.His 2-inch heels worked like a charm and for his 9th birthday was finally tall enough to ride all the roller-coasters at Magic Mountain, here in Southern California.We had a great day yesterday; and for the first time my son didn't feel so small. Thanks again.


I received my boots today. They look great, and are a nice fit. Many thanks for a great service.


Allan, Got the brown McVickers and they are beautiful!Thanks again and looking forward to the next pair Best Regards,


Dear Allan , I have recieved both the shoes. The height increaseand the colour is fine.They are very comfortable as well. Other than this and that it took too long to make them, the shoes are great. I hope you really do value your customer feedback in the future and customize accordingly with less delay. Thank you and regards,


Im so happy with your shoes! Those are the best quality! You and you're wife were so kind and welcoming


Allan, The shoes arrived today!They are absolutely great!Thank you so much for them. In the coming weeks, I will eventually put in an order for more of a casual/sneaker type of shoe.Thanks again for your help.


Hello Allan, The shoes were delivered yesterday. The look and feel great! Thanks again.


Allan, Shoes are phenomenal! Love the whole look of them and interested in placing another order ASAP. Could you do the brogue style in a 3.1" heel like these? Again, amazing work!!! Thank you!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone


can't wait to get them, best shoes ever thanks again, bye for now


the MST Tassel's are positively devine! Many thanks,


This will be my second pair. Great product!

MARCH 2014

I got my shoes (Millitary shoes) yesterday. They were GREAT! You shoes are very impressive! I have more than 10pairs of your shoes. I'm going to take a break from buying your shoes. I'm looking forward to the next new shoes. Please try to make a 6 INCH shoe. Thanks,


Don, Good the shoes today. Thanks for quick shipping. Shoes looks great and love them.


Hey Allan, I wanted to let you know that I have finally gotten the shoes today, and I have to say that I am absolutely in love with them. They are very well made and are comfortable to walk in. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you.


Allan Just received the shoes and they are excellent really good quality! I just want to thank you for rushing my order and I cant wait to order my next pair Thanks Again Keep up the good work .


Allan, I have just received the shoes and they are GORGEOUS. Thank you very much! You will definitely be getting more orders from me in the future (probably second half of this year). ... Yeah I got the shoes they look gorgeous! thank you Okay got the boots and they are perfect size and feel and look amazing you out did yourself. I want to buy the same boot with these attributes Thank you,


Allan. I received the shoes-- they look quite beautiful and the midsole tech seems significantly more comfortable than the traditional one. I will let you know how the shoes work out, but I am a happy customer right now. Many thanks for the prompt work and fast shipping.


Received shoes today and they are beautiful. Cheers.


Allan - I didn't get any photos you sent but I did get the boots a couple months ago and just wanted to say thank you, they feel and look great! Beautiful work.. Best regards,


Hi Allan, No need for stretchers as they fit great now, it was just when I first go them. Thank you. i love 'em they are beautifully made shoes and now they are comfortable too.


Hi Allan, I just wanted to say that the shoes arrived last week and they are beautiful. The midsole technology is definitely more comfortable too. Thank you for your great work,


Hi Allan, Just got the shoes today--incredible craftsmanship, as always! Thanks!


I just received the D'Etna boots and they are amazing! Truly amazing work! Thank you, and I apologize for worrying and seeming impatient. Sent from my iPad ear


Allan, Hope you are well. I was just wondering whether you might give me an update on the below order? I have been enjoying my current pair of midsole tech shoes - they have hardly aged a bit since I've been wearing them - great quality. Many thanks in advance, Kind regards,


Great craftsmanship. Love the detailed finishings. Thanks Allan.


I received the first pair of shoes in the mail and they're terrific! Thank you. …. I just received the shoes yesterday --they are remarkably comfortable, and they look outstanding.I just wanted to say thank youfor an excellent product. I look forward to ordering another pair of a different style soon. Best,


Received. The mid-sole technology is genius - great for walking in. Nice shoes. Thanks!


One word- perfect. they don't even resemble an "elevator" shoe; they look completely like normal high end shoes … I received the shoes and my sonloves them.They are a bit big but we are going to keep them for him to grow into because they are so beautifully crafted.We plan to buy others from you in the future.


Don, Just wanted to say I loved the recent 2 pairs of shoes you made. Thanks so much for pushing them through and giving me the loyalty discount. As always such gestures are well remembered and as such you should see another order for 2 pairs of shoes coming to you shortly from me. Cheers,


Allan, I have to admit, I was a little reserved about purchasing a pair of handmade shoes online as I knew it would either be hit or miss. Received the Falcone MST’s today and I must say I was extremely shocked by the quality of the shoes! I just had to try them on right away.It doesn’t feel exactly the same as regular shoes but it is comfortable enough for me to want to wear them on a regular basis and the arch is very minimal.As you had mentioned they look ab wonderful in jeans as the pants fall on the shape of the shoes really well.Almost sneaker like! Thank you for a job well done and a pleasure doing business with you!I will be purchasing a pair of dress shoes in the near future and will definitely spread the word. Derek.


Hi Allan just received shoes they look and feel fantastic


Allan, I think the shoes were worth the wait. they are a little tight but I think this will pass. I cannot believe how natural the walking experience is! Customer for life Just received your shoes Exceptional job ! Another planet compared to the one you gave me last time. This one are super comfortable !!! I was saying that I received the boots and they are gorgeous.


Hi Allan, Just arrived back home from holiday- shoes all received and look great. Thank you for your work- I am sure you will have another order from me in a few months when I decide to add another set of your shoes to my collection..


Hello. Over the past several years, I have purchased several pairs of Don's shoes and am a loyal return customer.These shoes are premium, consistent in quality, and remarkable in style and design.


Hello Don Just received the Royston with the gold buckle. May thanks for making them just a little bit wider. They fit great and look fantastic. I received the boots today and they are extremely comfortable. I also noticed you sent a few inserts. I got the shoes on Friday and absolutely love them. They are beautifully crafted and the height difference is spot on Shoes are great! Thanks Allan.


HI Allan, I received another pair of shoes from you. I just want to thank you for the way you handled the situration. I am def. a lifelong customer. Your shoes are awesome! It also helped to change my self image. I've always been called strikingly handsome but have always felt unattractive due to my height. I am about 5'10 or 11... the shortest in my family. With the shoes i am saving aphychologists bill!! LOL Thanks


Hi Allan Got the shoes today tried them on no problem at all their great mate love them and thank you very much am away in a few days back on the ship will be in touch later Cheers Darren I cannot thank you enough. The boots are fantastic. Sent from my iPhone


Don, I finally received my shoes today. It is quite a good job, but it is just a little bit bigger than I expected, Thank you for your time and patience I will be ordering another pair in this summer, I will ask you details by then. Sincerely, Today I arrived back and saw the Sassari, they are perfect!!! Both quality and size are perfect.


Hi Allan , I received my boots I am very happythey are greats, thanks a lot justyoumissedmy initialssewn. I keep you posted because I want another boots exactly same just with different color skin gracias Amigo Allan


Hello Allan Today I received the shoes and I am very happy. The craftsmanship is superb. I will always order my shoes only from you. When the next order is close to completion I will order a third pair. Beautiful work. I am very satisfied. Shoes come today. Beautiful, I love them. Sent from my iPhone PERFECT!!!!!!!!! You are a master craftsman!! Thanks so much! I have been consistently very satisfied with my shoes - have ordered fifteen pairs in the last three years - keep up the quality ! Allan, I received my shoes the other day and I wanted to write and tell you that I simply couldn't be more pleased with them. You are a true craftsman. Thanks for what you do. Nick Just got my shoes! They are awesome! Thanks


Hi Don Thanks a lot for the lovely boots, it is amazing comfortable and exactly my size. I will definitely order another shoe in the future Please inform me about your new collections and youroffers Thanks!! They.feel much better today. . Must just be breaking in.They really are awesome! Thanks for making them. Look forward to getting my next pair. Love them.. take care


Hi Don! I received the shoes though I had to go to pick up the parcel Shoes are excellent and excellent fitting and finishing.Very good job done!! Thanks a lot My regards and have a nice day always Allan, I received the shoes and they are a delight. Thank you for quick turnaround. I highly appreciate it. The Midsole technology is stunning indeed and I look forward to buying more of them. Have a wonderful week ahead. Happy New Year mate! got the delivery for the first pair just now and i have to say they are gorgeous! definitely worth the wait . Shoes arrived before Xmas and the quality was superb. Thanks. I just received my shoes today and they are awesome! Very well-made and the fit is perfect. I especially like the arch. Thank you very much. I'm so happy with them that I just placed an order for two more pairs (order # 280)! Thanks again, I ordered a pair from you for my wedding day, and fell in love with your work. This is the mad frenchie.. I have a huge problem..??? I cannot wear anything else than your shoes.. Bravo! and thank you.. enjoy the sun.. I just received the first shoes and took a walk in them. They look and feel wonderful, you're the best, thank you! Looking forward to trying the boots when they're ready. Got the denim boots today, they are remarkable! Thanks so much. These shoes are better than designer shoes and are of the highest quality. Thanks so much! Received the boots. Very nice and super comfortable! My fiance says she can wear high heels when we go out now. haha Will definitely be getting another pair in the future! Thanks for the response. The boots look amazing! If their fit is as good as their looks, I'll be definitely ordering some other shoe models. I received them, they're fantastic, thank you very much. Exactly as you described. Today I receive the shoes!! They are just perfect!!! Thank you so much!!! I'm going to order soon a pair for my wedding!!! I received my order today and must say these shoes are fantastic! I will definitely be ordering another pair soon. best shoes I've ever seen and I've paid $300+ for johnston and murphy's before. they don't even compare to your shoes! Can I tell everyone I can about your business and how great it is? Can I order from you in the future? Are there any hard feelings because I wrote you so much? I received my shoes today and they are better than I could have ever imagined! Thank you so very much. I definitely want to order from you again. I'm so sorry I emailed you so much, they were totally worth it!!!! I have finally received the shoes. I am very happy with them. Nice work. I like these shoes, that I didn’t forget, and how I appreciate the work that you put into them. You did a great job and I look forward to ordering more shoes from you. The work that you provide affects people perhaps in more ways than you realize. I truly believe that you get what you pay for. Although the price may be high for me at this moment, I know that at some point it won’t be. With these shoes, I am now able to wear just about any suit that I want and that is a great feeling. Here’s a pic of what the shoes look like on. I added a bit more padding on the inside – I’ll tell you about it later when I order my next pair so we can make just some slight modificiations. Well Allan, thank you once again, I like what you have done with the website and I look forward to hearing from you. God bless! I received the Lucca's today, and they are beautiful, thank you very much? I'm very happy with my recent purchase from Don's shoes and am interested in purchasing another pair. I just received them last night, I must say its some work you are doing, these are the best shoes I have ever tried on, the craftsmanship is inevitable on the first look, it is really lovely to know that I can order such shoes online. I am soon going to place an order for another casual boot. the MST technology is really innovative. I really cant feel any difference between this and a regular shoe. You have certainly made me very happy. Thank you for giving us such a great product. Quality - A++, shipping - lighting fast, service - 2nd to none!! Shoes arrived today. Thank you. They look and feel great. Hope to do business sometime in the future. Good luck with your business. I received my Black Suede Falcone’s and they are beautiful ! So Unique. These are my third pair of shoes I have purchased from you. Your shoes really are works of art. I have never had anyone complement my shoes until I started wearing “Dons” now it happens all the time. Keep up the good work. I am starting to save up for my next pair, maybe Falcone's in a light brown nubuck. Thanks, your shoes are the Best, I ever owned,, I also order a second pair as of today 2/14/2013, thru your web site.., keep up the good work... You got a customer for life. finally received the shoes today. The build quality is second-to-none and they fit like a glove. Great job, I couldn't be more pleased with them. The shoes are so good that I will definitely order from you again. The shoes have arrived. Overall, I would say I am impressed with the workmanship. The color is exactly what I wanted and as you promised, they arrived perfectly on time. As of now the shoes are tight on my feet, but I am hoping that if the leather just stretches out a little so that they should eventually fit. Thanks a lot for everything and I will definitely contact you again when I plan on purchasing another one. Legend does not do justice to describe you! Awesome nike sneakers!! Thank you. I am amazed at how comfortable they are - I'm assuming the mid-sole technology has something to do with that. I really think you have a new niche here. I will give you feedback on the shoe over time, given that it is a prototype so you know what to anticipate for the next launch of your range. Hey, I got the shoes any they fit and look great! I got nothing but compliments on the shoes. Thanks Allan! I'm looking forward to getting the MST Caterpillar! The shoes are absolutely amazing and worth the wait Got the boots a couple of days ago, thank you. They are fantastic!! Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for these boots (MST Monk, 3.1inch lift) They look excellent and feel very comfortable on the foot. Your MST technology is the work of genius - they allow you to stand as if you are in regular shoes without having to correct the body's propensity to lean forward in regular lift shoes. I will be buying from you for a very long time. Keep up the great work. Your shoes have a more casual appearance and I can already tell I am going to get a lot of everyday, around town use with them. I've received many compliments already as well! I have received the shoes already...I love them very much. Please record my size and information for my next order. And I wish u will do good in this business...and do not give up... Just now i got boots..itsssss remarkable very good shoe..thank you so much love u alot Allan All three pairs of shoes received. They're exquisite. Thank you. Just to tell you that i already received the shoes and i liked a lot. Shoes are very nice and the Quality is great. Thanks again and soon maybe this week im going to order another pair. I have received the shoes, the leather quality and workmanship is excellent. Just recieved the shoes....wow. I am very impressed. Those are incredible! Although I'm a lawyer by trade, I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities like hunting and riding horses - your boots are comfortable and very well made. I bought a pair from you last year and wore then 100+ time - they are like new. I received the shoes they are great ! thank You I just received my dark brown FOSSATO and just want to tell you how happy and proud of my shoes and like what I told you the last time you're simply the best, hands down! Raz Got them. Very happy too, a fantastic product, I will certainly be ordering again. I see you are in Thailand, lucky fella, my favourite place, wonderful culture. I just received my VETTORE shoes and I cannot tell you how happy I am with it. I love the quality of the shoes how's made, the half leather and half rubber sole, very slim/ narrow like how I requested it to be and overall you're the best custom shoemaker in the whole wide world. Please keep this shoe measurement or format for the rest ( FOSSATO) and would love the rest of the shoes to have the same format / platform and the soles have to be half leather and half rubber just like this VETTORE. I look forward to the FOSSATO shoes. Thank you Yes allan, thanks a lot.it looks awesome and stylish. Exactly what I wanted. I'll keep in touch with you for any future orders...once again, I really appreciated for what you've done. Great work Some great news! The shoes have arrived ! Can't wait to wear these tomorrow as they look incredible! I just got the shoes yesterday. They are really good, I wanted to drop you an email just to say thanks and fantastic job! I'll look over your website tomorrow and order a pair of black ones. Would just like to say what a wonderful job you've done on the shoes. I never normally thank company's for products/service but with you I am making that exception as I am very satisfied so thank you. I'm positive I will buy again from you. My Savona's arrived today, they are beautiful and fit perfect.I can't wait to show them off ! Thank You Just finished my european tour today and got bac home.. guess what was waiting for me... the Potenza's !!They're better than waht i had expected.. love the finish.. Color's and the look ! I cannot stop looking at them .. i'm wearing them every 2nd hour with my different clothes hehe.. just sharing ! I feel good. The Potenza's !!They're better than waht i had expected.. love the finish.. Color's and the look ! I cannot stop looking at them .. i'm wearing them every 2nd hour with my different clothes .. just sharing ! I feel good. I received my shiny new Quiri.Thank you, they are absolutely fantastic andeverything I’ve come to expect fromyou.They are even finer quality than shoes I ordered from you 2 years agoand that is saying something They have just come 2day,I am so pleased they are amazing a work of art,I cant tell you how happy I am.I will be your loyal customer till the end, I truly love your shoes. The shoes are amazing, thank you so much for those.The wedding went great and the shoes went really well with the suit everyone commented on them, saying how good they looked and asking me where I got them. And of course they gave me a nice little lift next to my wife who was wearing heals so I didn't look shorter.Anyway you have been great, fantastic service. I am just about to order another pair from your site in the brogue style, I am hooked. Although they arrived a week or so ago, this weekend was the first weekend that I was able to head home and get them. Just wanted to let you know that they arrived and I'm quite pleased with them. Happy that I finally get to wear them. I may get more in the future, my dad seems rather interested in them as well. Hopefully the wait won't be as long! Thanks! The shoes are fantastic! Nice quality. I will definately buy another pair and I have referred a friend to you also for a purchase. Thanks. Cheers, I just received my first order and I'm very impressed with the style and quality of your shoes. In fact, I'd like to order more. I've noticed that there are improvements in the designs of the shoes. It is easier to fit the trunk of my pants on to the shoes. This is really a big improvement because it looks more natural when I wear the shoes. Personally, I like my shoes more pointed, maybe nxtime I'll tell you beforehand so you can make some adjustments?But anyways keep up the good work. I received the shoes today and I have to say that I have been very impressed by them! I will definitely be ordering more and I can't wait till the casual collection comes out!! I got the shoes yesterday and I lovethem! They're so comfortable.I will definitely be ordering more in the future. Thanks! I received the shoes last week...they're fantastic! Received the boots today, great looking. Will be ordering another pair soon. Be very proud of these shoes you make, cause I can see you have a passion for making quality shoes.I'm going to have a drink tonight, an salute my new shoes! I got them & they're great, thanks. I will order more soon! Just wanted to tell you that I received the shoes last Thursday.They are beautiful and I'm very pleased with the craftsmanship. The shoes has arrived. They look GREAT and seems to be of superb quality. Much better than other elevator shoes I had. I received the shoes and love them. Thanks so much for the shoes, I received them on Friday and they are great! Thanks again! I received the shoes the other day andI absolutely adore them. Beyond impressed with the finalproduct and it was well worth the wait, I shall be a regular customer from here now on. Thank you once again. The shoes has arrived.They look GREAT and seems to be of superb quality. Much better than other elevator shoes I had. I got them & they're great, thanks. I will order more soon! Thanks so much Allan.I have not had a sore back since I started wearing your shoes.I may be your biggest fan. The black boots are amazing!Exactly what I wanted and fit like a glove : )I can dress them up with a suit or dress them down with jeans, perfect addition to my wardrobe.Thanks again and I’m looking forward to getting the brown ones.Outstanding quality as usual Allan, keep up the superb craftsmanship there’s no one else out there doing what you do at the quality in which you do it. received the shoes. Thank you so much! I am very impressed with the quality, and I love the saddle brown leather Hey I received the shoes today thanks a lot they are really awesumm I just got the shoes and I LOVE THEM as a matter a fact I liked them so much I placed a second order yesterday. I just wanna thank you for the shoes they finally came in today and i am so happy now, thank you again! I am writing to thank you for the wonderful shoes. The quality and craftsmanship far exceeded my expectations. Now I just have to decide which one's to order next! I HAVE just today received the shoes that I had ordered and they are of the quality that I had hoped for Received the shoes thanks. Great quality and workmanship. I just received the order today. I am impressed with the comfort of the shoes you made. Keep up the excellent work. You definitely did an excellent job They finally arrived! They're great and fit well- so well made. Thanks alot. I received the shoes last week. Very pleased with them. You really stressed me this lastmonth, but I see that you really did great work on the shoes. That are the finest shoes I ever had. So I will surely buy once again.. I received the shoes in the mail today.The shoes are great, very well-made and one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever had.Even though the shoes did not arrive on time, I still love them.I have recommended your shoes to my friends, and plan to order more in the future.Thanks for the great service. I received the Salerno's yesterday andthey are perfect Thank you for sending through the Fara con sola shoes - they are of exceptional quality and are very comfortable. Got the shoes and they are fantastic Spot on! They arrived this morning. they fit nicely. Picked up your delivery today and was so excited I opened the box right outside of the post office they are terrific looking shoes, the quality is all you told me and the leather is subtle as italian, stitching looks perfect My shoes arrived safely on Tuesday and I am very pleased with them. I really like the thicker sole and the heel/insole area really cushions your step. The leather is fantastic - is it cowhide? The shoes are really well finished - down to every detail. They make high street leather shoes look like a joke! I have received the shoes and the quality is superb! I did receive the pair of Savona shoes today via post and am very satisfied with the quality of the shoes. Thank you for your time and effort. The shoes arrived in time and in excellent condition.I must say the quality of the shoes are excellent and I was quite impressed with them, they fit and looked great.I did receive several compliments on them, I was getting married and was searching for this type of shoe I just received the shoes today, and they're incredibly well-crafted.Despite the wait, I'm satisfied with the finished product.The shoes are great! Thank you! I must admit after wearing them that they are a fantastic pair of shoes! Even though they are lifted, they are incredibly comfortable, which I can't say for any of my other pairs. The shoes arrived. They are incredibly made, look great...even smell great! I hope all is well! Yesterday I finally received my shoes! I did wait almost 1 month but I have to let you know that I absolutely love my new shoes and you have done an incredible job I received the shoes week before last. Compliments on the workmanship. They are very nice shoes and quite comfortable. I plan on purchasing from you in the future. thanks, All I can say is WOW! These shoes are incredible! I love them! You guys are the best! Got the shoes in the mail yesterday and all is going good. The fit is snug & I'm overall impressed with the quality I received the shoes today and I am extremely pleased. They are beautiful. The last pair of shoes i received from u was amazing. Alot of ppl told me it look great.I'll be soon ordering from u again. I have actually received the shoes they are unbelievably awesome. I will be place an other order for a couple more pair. I just received the shoes, now you made me a happy man. It took a long time P.S: I love the work you did on these shoes. That is the only reason I would order more. I received my shoes today and I'm extremely pleased with them. The quality is astonishing and they're very comfortable. I received the shoes….They’re beautiful..And they’re comfortable.Great job... Thanks so much I cant wait for my other pairs.Even on the Savona 3.6 inch is comfortable, no pain in the toes or the feet like previous elevators,walk is straight no limbing and no odor, and the weight of the shoes is really good. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! The shoes have arrived. They look nice, are well built, and fit good, now I just need to break them in. Hi Allan, my shoes arrived yesterday. The wait was worth every minute. The quality and craftsmanship is fabulous. What model do you recommend for jeans?Thank you, The wedding was great and shoes were perfect! He loved them! We will probably order another pair in the near further! Thanks again Allan! Don's customer service was second to none.I received prompt email responses to all my inquiries, and received no hassle with the adjustments I had to make on my order.The pride the company has on customer satisfaction really shows.Thanks Don's. Don's is much better than any of the other elevator shoe websites that I have come across. I rate Don's 5 stars and two thumbs up!" I finally received my shoes and I absolutely love it. You're the mannnn!!! Looking forward onto ordering more shoes soon. The shoes are wonderful, look great and are comfortable.I have been wearing them out often in Los Angeles.When I got them I had a local cobbler slightly widen the toe area for a little bit more room, and now the fit is absolutely perfect.The first time I wore the shoes I had difficulty walking with the lift, but after one night of wearing them I had no problems at all and it felt natural... also seems to force me to stand straighter, which is good.The leather is so soft, and I really like the matte finish.I am very happy with my order. The shoes have arrived, worth every penny I have spent.I'll be soon ordering another pair from you. I received the shoes and they are amazing. Very comfortable, very stylish, and obviously well-constructed. The leather is gorgeous and I can tell the work on both pairs involved a lot of love and personal attention. You are on to something here! I have been waiting for this level of quality in such shoes for years, and finally your company and brand has made it happen. Bless you and all your staff! Just to let you know, the shoes arrived today. Beautifully made and an excellent fit. It is going to take me aHappy new year Got the dellas today!I have to say the shoes you make are great quality. These fit well and are very comfortable considering the height increase.I am planning to order the boots you're working on as soon as possible.Iwould like one in black and one in brown size 11....Thank buddy...Great shoe! Thanks a lot sir . I have got the shoes finally .They are superb , mindblowing . Happy new year sir . Just received the shoes last night. I want to let you know that I am extremely pleased with the shoes – they far exceeded my already high expectations.As someone who has been buying high quality shoes in Boston for a long time, I was really impressed with the very obvious “hand made” quality, the fineness of the leather and stitching, and most of all the real comfort of these shoes.The fact that they comfortably make me more than 6 feet tall is actually just an added plus. I was apprehensive ordering from a new company, online, and with all of the ups and downs from the startup of your procedures.The shoes, however, were well worth the wait – and I will most certainly be a repeat customer. Received the shoes today. Love it. The front sides are a little tight but I think they will stretch out in a few days. Will certainly buy from you again in the near future. These are the most comfortable and nicest shoes I; think I;ve ever bought.Good stuff. Just received 2nd pair and wow they are incredible… Hi Al - my Potenzas arrived a bit earlier - fantastic workmanship and fit. I am very pleased - especially with the darker, marbled finish. Very keen to the Black Bergamos – Spent some time wearing the shoes, andthey are great and worth the wait. I hope to order another pair soon. I received my shoes last week, thank you very much. Very nice shoes and very best quality ! congratulations. This is the same quality as Bugarri shoes....with modern style !! Got my shoes today, and they are beautiful. The size is also perfect! They are suoercomfortable! I am ordering more shoes for the summer! Thank you Allan!The shoes are fantastic.Will be a repeat costumer for sure. For the tuxedo shoes, what is the best way to take care of them?Is there a special shoe polish to use? I got the shoes yesterday they look great! You did an excellent job.Now thinking about getting another pair soon...hope you can get me a discount on the next ones Thanks! Received the shoes Allan, no worries about the colour I like them very much. Well done! The fit is very good I will definitely be making use of the member area in the very near future, Thanks again. I got the shoes today and not only do they look fantastic and are of great quality but they also fit me perfectly which is what I feared.. I am ordering a few more pairs right away.. The shoes just arrived and they are just stunning.I will certainly order another pair from you. The cream is no problem, but your are right, I do prefer a more matte shoe. They tooktime, but the shoes are a work of art. Thanks, I received the shoes today.They are beautiful.Great job! Just received my first pair from Don’s They are awesome! This is order #2! Myfirst pair were ordered as 9’s and are marked 42’s, they fit great. Got the shoes today, many thanks! They look great and the fit is good, the brown shoe definitely is a favorite. Fits like a glove.