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Bootmaking is our specialty. Feel extra secure in the knowledge that height increasing boots are undetectable. For custom made and adaptions to the style please use the comments box.

USA July 2019
N.Y, Miami, Dallas, SD

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Imagen de BB1


AUD $233,55
Imagen de HULK Edition A

HULK Edition A

AUD $240,85
Imagen de MST Airboot

MST Airboot

AUD $245,23
Imagen de Balfour


AUD $289,02
Imagen de TORRETTA


AUD $289,02
Imagen de MST Summer (NEW SHAPE 2019)

MST Summer (NEW SHAPE 2019)

AUD $321,13
Imagen de MST Potenza 2015

MST Potenza 2015

AUD $328,43
Imagen de Potenza 3

Potenza 3

AUD $328,43
Imagen de New Potenza MST

New Potenza MST

AUD $328,43


AUD $335,73


AUD $335,73
Imagen de MST BAEK


AUD $343,03
Imagen de MST Casual Boot 101

MST Casual Boot 101

AUD $350,33
Imagen de MST Ankle

MST Ankle

AUD $350,33
Imagen de MST Elegant

MST Elegant

AUD $357,63
Imagen de MST Greaves

MST Greaves

AUD $357,63
Imagen de MST Earl

MST Earl

AUD $362,01
Imagen de MST Engineering Boot

MST Engineering Boot

AUD $362,01
Imagen de MST Engineering Boot II

MST Engineering Boot II

AUD $362,01
Imagen de MST Earl (Shape II)

MST Earl (Shape II)

AUD $362,01
Imagen de MST Boot M532

MST Boot M532

AUD $362,01
Imagen de MST Sheriff

MST Sheriff

AUD $364,92
Imagen de MST Wall Street

MST Wall Street

AUD $372,22
Imagen de MST Baker

MST Baker

AUD $372,22
Imagen de FALCONE


AUD $372,22
Imagen de MST Parson

MST Parson

AUD $373,68
Imagen de MST D'ETNA


AUD $376,60
Imagen de MST Deputy

MST Deputy

AUD $376,60
Imagen de MST Caterpillar

MST Caterpillar

AUD $376,60
Imagen de MST Ernest

MST Ernest

AUD $376,60
Imagen de Fossil


AUD $376,60
Imagen de St George II ( Extended )

St George II ( Extended )

AUD $386,82
Imagen de St George WINGTIP


AUD $386,82
Imagen de Kokolakis Boot

Kokolakis Boot

AUD $386,82
Imagen de MST Overlord

MST Overlord

AUD $386,82
Imagen de MST Elegant II

MST Elegant II

AUD $386,82
Imagen de St George

St George

AUD $386,82
Imagen de Fossato ( Shape 2)

Fossato ( Shape 2)

AUD $391,20
Imagen de MST Frangou

MST Frangou

AUD $391,20
Imagen de Canadian Winter Boot

Canadian Winter Boot

AUD $391,20

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Whether you like classic, tried and true styles or the latest designs from the runways, we have everything from causal to work boots in a wide variety of styles and colors. We offer custom height increasing boots in every conceivable style to provide a suitable pair of boots for any occasion or style preference. From relaxed casual styles to formal attire to men’s height increasing cowboy boots that make you taller, we have something for everyone. Choose from casual boots, golf boots, cowboy boots, wingtips, formal boots, work boots, winter boots, and much more.

You will appreciate the difference of handmade height increasing boots that are crafted for you. Our handcrafted boots are made with the best quality leathers, suedes, and materials for style and comfort. We use soft materials for the increasers, and we have perfected midsole technology, so your boots will feel as comfortable as any type of regular boots that you have worn in the past.

We offer a variety of options to customize your order to your specific needs and preferences. When you find the boots that best suit your needs, you can choose leather or suede materials and matte, standard, or glossy finishing types. Our boots are crafted with soles in your choice of full leather, full rubber, or a leather/rubber hybrid material. Select the amount of height increase that you want and your US, UK, or EU shoe size and place your order.

While we offer a great selection of boots for men, it is possible that we don’t have exactly what you are looking for. If you don’t find the specific type of boot you need, please contact us to see what we can do for you. Since every pair of boots is custom made, any and every option is available.