Zapatos con Alzas

UPDATE: We remain fully operational and continue to create shoes (and masks) & ship customer purchases.

 Don's Footwear will be producing its shoes using a new Tannery that supplies leather for the entire Japanese police force and leathers used to make The Royal UK House Cavalry boots, This particular tannery only works with a select few clients and their leathers are extensively tested. This will make Don's elevator shoe range even more incomparable to others. Read more on our blog.

Imagen de BEPPE


CAD $251,03
Imagen de DACCO


CAD $251,03
Imagen de MARCO


CAD $308,53
Imagen de MST Caterpillar

MST Caterpillar

CAD $389,87
Imagen de American Football

American Football

CAD $336,58
Imagen de MST Casual Boot 101

MST Casual Boot 101

CAD $364,62
Imagen de MST Summer (NEW SHAPE 2019)

MST Summer (NEW SHAPE 2019)

CAD $336,58
Imagen de MST BEACH


CAD $329,56
Imagen de MST Trooper

MST Trooper

CAD $403,89
Imagen de MST OX B513-2

MST OX B513-2

CAD $385,66
Imagen de MST Loafer 001

MST Loafer 001

CAD $350,60